An Invitation To The Elegance Of Living

3 Questions to Start Experiencing Elegance Today

Gary Douglas
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4 min readNov 23, 2016


Growing up, I realized at a young age that most of the people in the world function from unhappiness. Rather than having joy and a sense of greater possibilities in the world, they focused on what was wrong and not working in the world. I never understood this. I never understood why people chose to be unhappy. I tried to mimic the unhappiness around me, but I wasn’t any good at it! I just didn’t get why anyone would choose unhappiness when happiness was available.

I have discovered that happiness is a choice. And, since happiness and creating the kind of life I would like to have is a choice, daily I choose happiness and abundance. Daily I choose the elegance of living. I operate my whole life from the elegance of living.

What is the elegance of living?

  1. Recognizing the Gift of Everything in Your Life

The first thing you have to get is that the elegance of living in not about the amount of what you have. It’s not about simply acquiring more things. The elegance of living is about recognizing the gift of everything in your life. It’s the place where’d you rather have one bite of something that’s great instead of a hundred bites of something that’s crappy.

2. Minimum Effort. Maximum Results

When you recognize that life should be about the least amount of effort to create the greatest amount of result, then you recognize what the elegance of living is about.

Sometimes we have the idea that unless we are working hard and living frantic lives, we won’t accomplish anything. The opposite is actually true. I don’t rush through life. I ooze through life.

When you operate from the elegance of living, you can slide through life with doors opening and everything moving out of the way. You waste little time, you waste little energy and you waste little money. You end up creating more and you end up looking for the ways each thing is a gift in your life and a specialness that cannot be replaced by anything else.

A first step to operating in the elegance of living is asking questions. Questions are the key to opening all doors. Questions are the key to possibilities you’ve never considered. You don’t ask questions to find answers. You ask questions so that you can go beyond your limited thinking and into the realm of possibilities you haven’t yet considered.

Here are 3 questions you can ask to start experiencing the elegance of living today:

  1. What is going to create the greatest result with the least amount of effort?

One of the most important aspects of the elegance of living is using minimum effort to create maximum results. When you ask for the greatest result with the least amount of effort, you will find that the possibilities that match your request begin to show up. Before you know it, life becomes filled with ease. You have more of everything you desire and it comes to you as if by magic.

2. What great thing can I get that I don’t have to suffer because of having it?

Have you decided that great things come at a price? Have you concluded that if you have great things, things that are a gift to you, you have to suffer to get them? Or, that you can’t enjoy them because it was too easy to get them?

You can give up that perspective if you would like to! You can allow things to show up easily. You could actually choose to live life as a celebration rather than an obligation.

3. Where do I find what’s going to make my life more joyful every day?

The elegance of living is about joy. How much joy are you willing to have? There’s a quote you may have heard, “Ask and you will receive.” Every day ask what will make your life joyful, and watch how the things that bring joy show up.

When you choose to function from the elegance of living, you find this space for each thing in your life to be another possibility instead of each thing being a difficulty you have to overcome. What would your life be like if you were living in the wonder of possibility instead of the problem of possibility? Perhaps you would move from non-stop effort into the joy, ease, exuberant expression and abundance of a phenomenal life that’s filled with the elegance of living.

Business innovator, investor, author, antique storeowner and breeder of Costa Rican horses, Gary Douglas is a best-selling author and a sought-after international speaker who inspires people to see different possibilities. He founded the transformational life changing tools and processes known as Access Consciousness® 25 years ago. Simple but effective, this personal development modality that has helped thousands worldwide by giving them tools to create change and remove limitations in all aspects of life. The Access tools are now offered in 173 countries with 2,000 trained facilitators worldwide. Douglas has written 17 books so far. In 2010 his book “The Place” became a Barnes and Nobles #1 Bestseller. Gary is regularly featured in the international media as a thought leader in business. Follow @garymdouglas and on Facebook. For more information visit and



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