An Open Letter To My Sister

Image courtesy of Clarisse Meyer

Dear V,

I was born into a family of two parents and three brothers but my sister, as you know, holds a bond as strong as any.

While I was happier than I’d ever been, an explosion shook my path. The ground I stood on, so confidently, broke in two, me on one side and what I loved on the other.

I clung onto the edge, grasping with my fingertips, not sure if I was about to fall or if the pain was so bad that I wanted to let go and surrender. I kept trying to find something to hold onto but each time, it broke away, until it was too late. I buckled and began to plummet.

I fell and shock ripped through me but then something magical happened! I heard you! I heard your voice shouting “I will catch you!” I felt your arms reach out and seize me. A parachute, guiding me to safety. A sponge, absorbing my fall and with it my pain; but like a sponge, not only did you absorb but then you began to expand, propelling me back up as you did. You reminded me of hope, love, focus, determination and strength! You reminded me who I was and who I still am!

When I fell, you had a choice. You could have watched. You could have seen that me crashing to rock bottom, would lift you back up. Some other sisters did that. They looked away. They smiled in secret and rejoiced at my failure and the space that I had left. But you did not. You my sister, picked me up. You used your magical powers for greatness!

Now I’m on my feet and I am climbing once again! Strength, focus, determination, love and hope, everything that you reminded me of, getting stronger and as I climb, I will never let go of your hand!

We are not related by blood. We are bonded by something stronger. Stronger than blood, stronger than galloping horses, racing cars or steel bridges. We are bonded by sisterhood. Women holding hands stepping forwards, standing up for what we believe in. We will act with courage, integrity and strength. We will dance under the stars and celebrate our success because we know the truth. It lays within our wings. Wings strong enough to carry others and wings that become stronger when we do.

Thank you


Image courtesy of Brooke Cagle

Originally published at on March 5, 2017.

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