Do you believe in angels? Or intervention from higher up?

I don’t know about you, but there have been many moments when I look back and can’t believe the coincidental circumstances that saved my life. I suppose we can call it ‘coincidence’, ‘synchronicity’, or ‘harmony’. In any case, what seems true is that I’m receiving external help to get through life.

Now, I certainly went through a phase when I quieted my intuition — the little voice in my head that offers me guidance — and the feelings I had to take action or the opposite. No longer. I’ve found this little voice, thought, feeling, or knowing is the most precise path in life. I’ve found the closer I listen, the louder it gets. I’ve found the more I listen, the more magical experiences I have where things seem like they should go poorly and exactly the opposite happens. Against all odds, people and circumstances adapt to my every need, all because I uncovered my ‘blocked antennas’ and began to receive.

Interestingly, the more open I am to receive, the more angelic influences seem to exist in my life. And the more I am able to help others in a similar way. In fact, my opinion is that we may ‘all’ be angels, and the reason most of us don’t recognize our own potential is because we’ve forgotten how to feel connection throughout every day.

Today’s thought exercise: what do ‘you’ think? Are there angels? Are you one of them? Do you feel connected all the time, and understand how divine of a plan your life really is? Or is this a lost, denied thought that holds no significance for you?

Whichever you choose, please remember what you believe, feel and think is likely to become your reality; no matter why belief equals reality, it does. I suppose I like the belief I’m an angel, and I’m here to love and help; I suppose I love the belief you are too, and that we are here for a purpose.

Sent to you with love, honor, and in service,


Originally published at on January 10, 2018.

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