Are We Too Distracted to Design Our Lives?

Finding Comfort in Soy Chai Latte.

Picture via Pixabay

You’re not a morning person but you’ve been waking up with an alarm clock for years. This is what needs to be done. You do that to rush to the job you absolutely hate. Your days are monotonous and you haven’t felt challenged in a long time. You have a job that pays the bills assuming that this is what should be done. You don’t know too many people who love their jobs. A job is a job.

Over the years you found the ways to make yourself feel better. You start with a comforting morning routine by going to your favorite coffee shop and ordering the same large soy chai latte. You love how consoling it makes you feel.

You then go to the gym to spend some alone time being in the moment. Your workout is so tough that there is no way your thoughts will wander anywhere. You’re aware and fully focused on what you’re doing. You count the push ups trying to beat your personal record and forgetting about reality. You love your mornings, they let you forget about what’s next.

You arrive to work in a great mood but you suspect that your attitude will change into something between boredom and dissatisfaction with a touch of depression. At 2pm you may sneak out to get another soy chai latte. This beverage is so comforting, it’s as if you were getting a chai hug reassuring that everything will be ok. Days pass and you keep coasting surviving thanks to chai lattes, the gym and happy hours drinking and socializing. You know that you can’t do this forever but you don’t make any firm plans to make any changes. You chose to move sideways instead of forward not feeling ready and enjoying the non-committal nature of now. By coasting you avoid temporary discomfort of making changes. At least you know what to expect everyday.

There’s no risk, you follow your daily routine, drink your soy chai latte for comfort, go to the gym to forget and keep dreaming your dream.
 It’s challenging to break from this dissatisfying routine because it’s comfortable in its unchanging way. You see others being in the zone coasting through life demotivated. Only those with intrinsic motivation and a strong reason behind pursuing their own unconventional path will end up designing their dream life. They won’t need comforting themselves with daily soy lattes — their excitement about what’s about to come will give them fuel to continue.


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