Are you a millennial Lawn Mower parent? Take this quiz and find out!

It’s no secret, parents of millennials commonly take a hands on approach to parenting. Discover how this is impacting your teens.

It’s no secret, parents of millennials commonly take a hands on approach to parenting. Some have referred to this approach as being a Lawn Mower parent.

So what exactly is a Lawn Mower parent, and how do you know if you are one? Take this short quiz and find out!

The Problem with Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers were designed to clear a path. When we do this for our teens, we are clearing a path that is free of obstacles, challenges, and snares. While intentions are good, the lawn mower mows down the opportunities our teens need to learn how to navigate life on their own.

Step Away From The Mower

  • It’s so tempting to jump in and shout out specific, step-by-step directions with a megaphone to make sure everything goes to (our) plan. We really just want to help, but when we plan and direct our teens’ lives to help them be successful, we are actually diminishing their confidence. Try stepping back. Teens need to be able to believe in their ability to make decisions, complete tasks, and reach goals on their own.
  • High school provides lots of opportunities where our teens can learn to advocate for themselves. Taking the lead on this is sending a message that they can’t handle it. Step back and provide space for your teens to solicit feedback from others and fight their own battles.
  • Shielding your teen from chores may feel like you are helping them, but studies have shown that tasks around the house teaches kids responsibility. It helps them to understand what it means to be part of a family. You can never start this too early.
  • As much as we hate the idea of our kids not having a lunch or being penalized for missing gym clothes, these are experiences that will help your child learn to plan ahead. Learning executive functioning skills can be difficult for some students. In these cases, seek help. Otherwise, encourage your teens to take responsibility for their own schedules and belongings.

Finally, Emotional Intelligence Coaching is one way to help teens learn how to navigate life. For more information, contact EQuip Studios here. Or check out the workshops we offer for parents and for students here.

Originally published at on June 20, 2017.

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