Are You Dancing or Moving Through Life?

Present or not present, that is the question.

Photo Credit: Saksham Gangwar via Unsplash

The doors opened…

The light board, the curtains, the peaceful hustle that precedes a show — made my heart skip a beat.

There I was standing in the auditorium where I’d spent countless hours dancing and working behind the scenes over a decade ago. Thereupon, the auditorium where I learned a lot about life.

This time around, I was there to watch dance companies perform and help select the work that exhibited excellence, which would then be presented in the upcoming gala.

As the lights went down, my curiosity peaked.

I wondered whose work would be distinct. People often say dancers possess a keen eye — discerning technique at a moment’s glance. While I wholeheartedly value technique, in my eyes, excellence comes from a different place.

I watch movers; I am captivated by dancers.

I’ve learned the distinction comes from just that — on and off the stage.

You see…

A dancer meets the moment, the step, another object or performer.

A mover anticipates the moment, the step, another object or performer.

A dancer trusts they know where they’re going, meanwhile, unattached to how they get there.

A mover relies on counts to guide them, therefore, they give away their confidence.

A dancer bravely surrenders to their truth allowing instinct to lead the way.

A dancer’s heart unites with the music creating an electric soulful energy, and that is enthralling.

A dancer is an authentic wise being. Hence, to dance is to be present.

Excellence comes from carrying this wisdom on and off the stage.

This week take note — are you dancing or moving through life?

Then, without judgment, write down all observations.