As More Women Are Elected, A New Emerging Way of Being Is In the Spotlight

Women will lead the way to a world with more heart

African American, Transgender, Female, Asian American. The new face of politics in our country from some wonderful news delivered yesterday. The American people have spoken and we are ready and excited about women being the leaders of our time.

As a coach AKA Midwife to the Soul, my work is to help women from all walks of life embody their womanhood. Embody their intuitions and hearts. Listen to their feelings and needs. Set clear boundaries and and actively practice self love. As women rise in all roles. These practices will become more important than ever.

As women step into more and more leadership roles, we will not run these roles as men did but in women’s shoes. We will not conform to the masculine methods of old. We will assume these roles as feminine rising. As emotion rising. As gut feelings rising.

We will lead from a place of grace and personal responsibility. Not blaming the other, not pushing others down to get ahead. We will lead from a place of saying “NO” when it’s appropriate and standing by our NO’s until it feels right to say “YES.”

We will lead from a place of integrity where we carry our values into each decision and each interaction. We will speak nonviolently and perform our work nonviolently.

We will care for ourselves in an effort to avoid burnout and resentment because as leaders and women, we operate on different cycles from men and we are OK honoring that.

We will lead with vulnerability. The true human connector.

We will lead as women. Not in replacement of men but as women who know that the next generation and the one after that are looking and watching. Are taking notes for what it means to allow all of ourselves. That as we lead from a place of integrity and love, we release from guilt and shame and fear and constant inner nagging. We release from the weight of the world on our shoulders into the possibility of the world in the gentle joining of our hands. Chanting loudly and with confidence that what we do IS ENOUGH. That as women, we are ENOUGH!

We are not rising to fit into some old mold. We are rising so that all of us can breathe a sigh of relief into our softness and our deep caring, our connection to Mother Earth and her preservation, our ability to think globally and act locally. We are rising as women who deeply care and think with our hearts on our sleeves so that we undoubtedly take care of even the least fortunate among us.

Our hearts remind us of generations past, of the great suffering that has shaped our ancestors, of tiny babies fresh out the womb, of the importance of feeling heard and held. Our innate selves stir these truths and we lead with them into the great caring of the all.

The time of seperation is ending. The time of the ego is ending. The time of heart leadership is rising.

We will not lead ourselves into burnout. We will take great care as role models. We will bring other women along with us because this is what we have ALWAYS done and that is just what we do. We will bring all those who want to come with us.

We will keep a seat open at the table for all voices.

We are women and we are rising!