Ask & You Shall Receieve…Ish

There are three interesting barriers in the process of ask and receive that you may not be familiar with and which is necessary to understand, so you can fully obtain your goals.

This article is basically a zip drive file of the first part of one of my workshops leading people through the process of being open to their goals of becoming an ultimate success.

First, ever notice that when you are wishing for something, wanting it desperately, and praying for it so badly, that you keep getting everything but?

When we get attached to our desires we are really attaching ourselves to the “lack” thereof. Similar to how squeezing onto something so tightly actually creates no room for it to enter.

Imagine your hands clenched around your dreams… It’s not even possible! There is no room in a clenched hand, there isn’t even room to breathe. The same results are happening when you want your dreams at the extreme levels.

There is a fine art of balancing between creating your vision-board of wants, staring at it every day, and imagining it all coming true and then, actualizing them.

Certainly, there is power in meditating or praying for your vision every day, experiencing it as real, and practicing your gratitude of them being achieved.

You must create the space to receive them, however, this next step is often forgotten about… Have you been open to receiving these blessings?

One simple test to note if you are open or not… When people offer you things, do you say YES or NO?

My challenge to you:
Notice throughout the day today… if someone offers to grab you a coffee, do you say YES or NO? Of course, you have an excuse such as: maybe you don’t want coffee because you want tea? Or maybe it’s an offering of a pizza slice and you don’t eat gluten or dairy?

Regardless of your excuses, start saying YES! This shows to the world that you are open to receive its blessings.

On the contrary, also notice how often you say NO. This starts your journey of awareness and knowing how the small things create much bigger effects.

Many times people write down their intentions for the year via resolutions or their goals for the week. Then at the end of the week or year, they have a bazillion excuses of why they haven’t reached their goals.

I ask people to reflect on these because so many times our prayers and intentions were answered, but we weren’t conscious enough to understand and receive them. Or, they weren’t quite what was requested.

For example, each Sunday, I sit down and take a moment to write down my intentions for the week. Well a couple weeks ago, I wrote out my goal of attracting new amazing tenants for my house for after the current tenants move out.

Two days after I had intended this, I received a response for someone wanting to rent for almost three months. They sounded great. The only problem was that they wanted it almost two months after the current tenants had vacated.

So you can see, I could have actualized my goal for the week, yet it wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I hadn’t been specific enough when I had written down my intentions. Ask and you shall receive…ish! Obviously, my prayers were answered, just not to my liking. This allows me the opportunity of practicing my gratitude and knowing that another opportunity will come that meets my specifics, now that I recognize I wasn’t clear enough.

Maybe you had a goal of earning some certain amount of money by the end of the year for your new year’s resolutions and haven’t quite made it yet. Is there any chance you received opportunities to achieve your numbers, yet they didn’t fit your dreams quite right?

Or maybe you were looking for your dream boyfriend or girlfriend, yet ignored the one that could have been a perfect match for you because they didn’t seem “right” at first glance.

Also, you may have received an idea, a simple thought that could have blossomed and allowed you to accomplish your goals, but instead you chose to let fear and other excuses get in the way of making your dreams come alive. This is probably the most common one I run into.

Make sure now that you are aware, to be grateful for the opportunities. Maybe they were right for you and your dreams would have been answered, or maybe you were not specific enough. This is where following your own intuition is the strongest, or working with a coach coming from a neutral space can help decipher the truth for you.

The Fall season is a great time to reflect before heading into the holiday season. It’s important to practice gratitude for all the opportunities that fall your way, even if they were an “ish”. 
(Pun intended.)

If you need support with getting clear on your goals and aligning to them and removing obstacles, reach out for some one-off sessions.

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