Ask yourself this simple question… and find out if your life view is blocked.

See if the things you really want are blocked by the things you currently have.

As humans, we’ve a natural tendency to gather, grab and hold-on to things… whether it’s stuff, emotions or old relationships long past their use by date.

In this fast paced world we currently live in, there is tendency for more… do more, be more, have more.

And it’s can be really hard to see past or sift through the stuff we have that is often blocking our view of the things we really want… whether it’s a new partner, a different job or better health.

Know what’s worse?

That indescribable feeling that we don’t know what it is exactly we do want… but we know very clearly what it is we don’t want, so, naturally we tend to focus on that which preludes us being able to think about other options, let alone take any action to move towards what we desire.

I’ve been there… and I see it very clearly in others now that I’m on the other side.

For instance, I had coffee recently with someone I’ve known for quite a few years and who was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last year.

When she called to tell me that she had it, I wasn’t overly surprised… I’d sat on the sidelines watching her gain weight no matter how much gym time she racked up, hearing how fatigued she was, spending too many weekends on the couch in a bid to make it through the next week and through all it, her ability to make even simple decisions seemed to diminish, ‘cos it was all just in the too hard basket.

And as we chatted, and after she’d given me a good old belly laugh by telling me that she thinks it was a mistake because really, she doesn’t feel THAT bad… and her telling me that she can’t do this, or try that ‘cos she has to wait for this to pass, and this to change and this other thing to be just so, etc etc etc.

So at one point, after I told her that all those various elements that’s she waiting to fall into line were never going to happen ‘cos there’s never going to be the perfect time… I asked her what she wanted.

Blank stare.

What do you mean she said?

In a perfect world, with all the time, money, energy and resources you could possibly dream of… what is it that you actually want for yourself, your life?

I let her sit with that for a little bit.

I could feel her pain radiating out as she processed the question… and as the realisation slowly dawned on her, I watched her eyes fill with tears.

I don’t know… she said quietly.

And I could see she really didn’t know why, and worse, so painful for me to see ‘cos I’ve sat where she is… she wouldn’t even know where to start.

Her mountain of stuff was blocking her view.

Her mountain of stuff… mostly really big, and quite understandably daunting stuff, such as her ageing parents, a job she abhors but can’t leave ‘cos of financial commitments and a surprisingly long term single status at an age where she thought she’d be cosied up with a husband a couple of rug rats.

She doesn’t have capacity for a Hashimoto diagnosis… and she certainly cannot see a place, beyond her mountain of stuff where she could even begin to start to heal it, she just does not have the energy or the brain space to think about it.

So of course, I told her this.

As with other conversations we’ve had in the past, she agrees with me 100%… she can, at a certain level (‘cos she’s a smart girl) grasp exactly what I’m saying… she knows that I’ve walked the path that she is on as she’s watched me do it.

But how she said?

How do I do it… it’s too hard.

And she’s right.

But she’s also wrong… and of course, I told her that too! LOL

It is hard if you think about how much there is to do, how long it may take and you’ll give up before you can even begin.

So, you just pick something, somewhere small and you start there… like keeping snacks on hand so you don’t eat junk food when you’re tired or hungry.

Don’t worry about anything else, the rest will fall into place.

Start where you are, do what you can with what you have… simple.

While I knew that she probably wouldn’t be rushing off to move mountains that afternoon, I knew that I had shown her a little window of hope and more importantly, that if she wanted to, she could go around her mountain and start finding out what she really wants for herself.

The bottom line?

You can’t move your mountain of stuff… so you either need to go over it, or around it and you can only do that by moving towards it, not away from it or god forbid, heaping more stuff on that mountain!

So, ask yourself this… what is it that you want?

If you had all the time, money and energy in the world… what do you want for yourself, your health and your life?

And if you can’t answer that… then think about what might be blocking your view and whether or not you’re willing to go around your mountain to see what lays on the other side.

I tell you truly… everything you now see will vanish like a dream” Rumi