Author and Family Physician, Dr. Lisa Herbert, Helps Working-Moms Take Their Life Back

Dr. Lisa Herbert

For many of us, life seems like a juggling act. We have our personal commitments and professional obligations governing every hour of our lives that we fail to pencil in time for us to just be and not do. For most of us, the idea of having balance is just that — an idea, a daydream or a pastime that only exists for reality television starts.

Well, seasoned physician and new author, Dr. Lisa Herbert, is here to help us take our time back. In “Take Your Life Back” A Working-Mom’s Guide to Work-Life Balance,” Dr. Herbert urges working mothers to make a conscious effort to put energy towards creating harmony between their personal and professional lives.

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To avoid burnout, gain control over your health, and to live a life that creates harmony, Dr. Herbert suggest you do these three things:

1. Be open to adapting to change.

One of the only constants in life is change. And to better equip yourself and those around you for those moments in life where change takes over, you need to be open to it. Many times, we as people try to do all we can to be in control of life situations and we go against the grain of change. Lisa suggests that we stop fighting and start flowing with the changes life brings us.

2. Treat your health plan like a business plan.

Business plans can be lucrative — well, so can a health plan. “A healthy lifestyle is achieved by aligning the mental, spiritual and physical connection,” says Herbert. To achieve this, the same way you’d write down your plans to grow your business by analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, do the same for your health. Write down issues you have and ways you can correct those issues. Health truly is the ultimate wealth.

3. Build a network that supports you.

A working-mother’s role includes being so many different things to so many different people. While it is in a mother’s DNA to nurture, it is important for mothers to have a support system of people that can nurture and support her both personally and professionally as well. Schedule a lunch date with your best friends. Pay your mentor a surprise visit. Take your children on a day of adventure. Do what you must to keep your connection to others strong. There will be days when your support system will come in handy, so you want to make sure you keep your connection strong.

We don’t call mothers “Superwomen” for no reason; mothers have super powers that serve a purpose in almost every situation. For a woman with responsibilities, creating a lifestyle that works can seems like a tough feat. However, when planned properly and executed fully, mother’s everywhere can achieve anything.

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