Author Cheryl J. Ketchens Encourages Baby Boomers to Use Their Talents to Better Their Lifestyles in new book, “Dreams into Dollars”

Author Cheryl J. Ketchens

Much of the literature today, especially concerning business and entrepreneurship, revolves around the millennial generation taking the reins of the status quo and pushing the envelope of what used to be. Well, it is safe to say that while millennials and zillennials are making waves, they aren’t the only generation of mover and shakes that have the spotlight.

Millennial based platforms such as Buzzfeed are highlighting the awesomeness of Boomers signaling their impact and influence on society. In retrospect, the Baby Boomer generation is here and ready to continue placing footprints in the sand. Life Coach and Author, Cheryl J. Ketchens, a Boomer who has recently made the transition from a 9–5er to full-time entrepreneur, knows all about being a thriving as Boomer. In her new book, “Dreams Into Dollars: 5 East Steps for Baby Boomers to Create Financial and Spiritual Freedom,” Ketchens offers five powerful steps that Baby Boomers can follow to create a lifestyle of freedom. I’d like to share three of the steps that even I as a millennial have learned from.

1. Identify your gift.

Knowing who you are and how your being is meant to serve the world makes all the difference in building a life you love. Once you know these two things, possibilities are endless.

2. Take ownership of your gift.

Nobody knows you like you do. When you recognize that you have a gift or talent that makes you unique, you must share it with others. Own your brilliance!

3. Develop your gift.

As long as you live, you’ll be a learner. There are tons of resources you can gather to help you map out a strategic plan to launching your new endeavor. Learning occurs at any time and at any age.

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This book proves that it is never too late to live out your dreams. It also proves that now is a great time to examine where you are to decide if you need to make a shift in your perspective to do and be greater. “My personal goal is to help every boomer who wats to find, own, monetize, market, and maximize their innate talents and gifts and create successful six-figure entrepreneurial business,” says Ketchens. Because life is meant to be lived to the fullest, I encourage you to make the decision today to stop hiding behind your genius and launch out into a new territory that has the possibility of giving you a new and exciting way of life.

To learn more about powerhouse, Cheryl J. Ketchens and how she can help you unleash the “booming” boomer inside of you, visit her online at

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