Author Tanya Barnett Makes a Social Impact by Highlighting Female Entrepreneurs in New Book, “Today’s History Makers: 21st Century African-American Female Entrepreneurs”

Tanya Barnett

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are on the rise as large and small companies alike are seeking new means of ensuring representation of all races, ethnicities and gender are given access to industry opportunity. Initiatives like #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackGirlsRock that aim to highlight the advancement and achievements of women of color have made waves in inspiring women (and men) to embrace their skin color and their brilliance.

In her new book, “Today’s History Makers,” Relationship Expert and Coach, Tanya Barnett, highlights forty African American entrepreneurs who are leading in their lanes of doing business. Barnett writes that the motivation for compiling the contributors to make the book stemmed from the notion that the generation of today cannot relate to the stories of old.

Far too often, and even in 2018, women are subjected to playing by the rules of men in the workplace; forced to lead in their homes due to absence of fathers and are pushed into assuming the “superwoman” role. Women have to wear multiple hats day in and day out just to make life worth living for those around them. Well, as you read through the pages of “Today’s History Makers,” you won’t find a woman complaining that life isn’t fair. You won’t find a woman speaking down on another human being. You won’t find a “woe is us” story. Why? Because in this book, these women are changing the narrative for African American women globally.

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“In business, I am motivated by the causes that are near and dear to my heart,” says Barnett. And for Tanya, being a beacon of light and sharing that light with others is her way of walking in her purpose. In the introduction, Tanya speaks candidly and open-heartedly encourages her readers to take limits off their thinking and embrace all the many possibilities that life has waiting for them. Using the power and activation of the word “now,” Tanya and her contributors help their readers unlock and unleash their dreams by drawing on the strength and storytelling of those who look like them. And for the little girl who needs to learn about the greatness around her, this book is a perfect start.

Consider the story of the little girl who was mesmerized by Michelle Obama’s official portrait; she was engulfed in seeing who she believed to be a ‘queen” who looked like her. That is the power that this book holds to empower minds to think big and dream again. Little girls of color as well as adult women of color need more positive examples of powerful women dominating their lives. Kudos to Tanya Barnett for putting uplifting energy into the universe.

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