Back to School, Back to Business

It’s back-to-school time again here in the US. Stores are full of school supplies and new clothes, students and teachers are meeting each other for the first time, everyone is hopeful for a great new year.

For me, this has always been new-year time as well. The whole December 31stthing never meant a thing to me. In late summer, slates get wiped clean (literally and figuratively) and we have the chance to start over.

How has your year been going? Is it time to do look at where you are and where you want to go? At this time of year, there are several ways to clean your slate and get ready for what’s next.

Hit pause. Take a break: an hour, a day, a weekend, whatever you can get. Just for thinking and reflecting.

Reassess your goals. Are your goals for this year still valid? If not, tweak them or craft new ones.

Clean up or declutter. Many people talk about spring cleaning. I do mine at back-to-school time. I go through my clothes and stuff, and get rid of what no longer serves. I also just happened to declutter my web site (yes, that’s a thing) this year.

If you’re working in, starting, or running a business, here are some tips from others about refocusing and resetting at this time of year:

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Yes, be grateful that the kids are headed back to school. And take some time to set yourself up for a great year, too!

Originally published at on August 9, 2017.