Bad News is Never Good..

But You CAN Take the Good from the Bad..

This past Friday I received some pretty bad news..

My grandfather had passed away at his South Florida home at the ripe age of 92 years young!

I place an exclamation mark after the word “young” because in life you have a choice to be “upset” and focus on the negative circumstance.. of you can truly celebrate the contributions somebody has provided to your life.

My grandfather, Bob, was a real trooper. A World War Veteran.. and a truly a class act. I used to love going to South Florida to see him because every time I went.. especially later in my life.. he taught be some pretty powerful lessons about “self” and how to get the most out of life…

That is what I was hoping to pass forward to you guys today…

So here goes..

1. You ATTITUDE is everything… cliche yes.. but totally true.. Living with only one lung due to emphysema, his breathing was always an issue and limited activity.. Whenever I would ask if he got upset of frustrated.. He always answered with, “If you let it bother you.. it will.. I focus on the positive things all the time..”

2. Never let STRESS into your life.. easier said than done, right?

Not for Bob.. again he told me that life and circumstance is all about the perspective you bring to the problems that WE ALL HAVE… so you have a choice.. choose wisely what you want to make a big deal about.. you will soon realized nothing is a big deal..

3. It will always work out… if it is supposed to work out.. I always wondered how this guy never stressed.. and he said, “Dana.. focus on the serenity prayer and you will understand life a bit more..”

God grant me the serenity 
 to accept the things I cannot change;
 courage to change the things I can;
 and wisdom to know the difference.

4. Always take care of yourself.. no matter what age you are… My grandfather always would dress like the dapper don.. He would tell me, “Dana.. always dress to impress.. never go out without looking great.. hair done, nice pressed shirt, shined shoes.. and never forget to brush your teeth, do your hair, and put on a few spritzes of cologne… (the cologne is because you never know who you are going to meet when you go out.. if you know what I mean..) haha..

5. YOU MUST HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR… again emphasizing the message to not let life get you down.. he always had a sense of humor.. always laugh.. always take things lightly.. or you will walk around like a ball of stress.. and that is just not good for anyone..

Although I am a young guy.. I always spend most of my time with folks over 50.. they give the greatest perspective on things and help navigate the land based on the experiences they have had through their life..

These lessons are powerful and rewarding.. I hope me sharing them with you can give you perspective when you need it, confidence when you lose it, and happiness when you are feeling down..

We are all battling everyday.. dealing with the emotional roller coaster of life requires tools and skills… or else the emotion can take you over and take you off course.. Enjoy the ride..

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