Resistance. Frustration.

Achievement. Glory.

You have to be ready to move a mountain before you can appreciate the peace. Work is always followed by rest.

What determines the quality of that rest is the satisfaction of your efforts and results.

If you gave it all you have, you will be content no matter what.

There are some mountains in life that just don’t move. They are not meant to move. You are meant to move. You are meant to pivot. You are meant to change gears so you can continue along your way to greatness.

Nothing is easy. It is not supposed to be. Cliche yes. Truth, yes.

So as you take to the field, realize you will be meeting headwinds, resistance, opposition. How do you react?

Who is next to you to support your journey?

To do it alone or do it as a team? The right team is critical when it comes to winning. I have been on winners and I have been on losers- winning is a lot more fun.

The battlefield is filled with casualties of those who have quit to soon or quit to late. Filled with individuals that were not prepared physically and mentally for the battles they were getting ready to face. Filled with those who lost their own value and vision/ mission.

Arm yourself and be prepared. If you are prepared for what is ahead, your chances for success and survival will rise. A rising tide raises all ships. A lowering tide sinks them.

This writing is about being prepared. Building a great team. Being clear on your goals, missions and objectives. Setting out to WIN everyday. Impact. Be remembered as a legendary performer who did things the right way. #likeapro

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