Be In Awe Of Yourself To Achieve Your Goals In Life

Why having supreme belief in yourself and taking actions on your strengths and weaknesses will lead you to success.

When it comes to success, we want to look at other successful people and mimic what they did, do, and say. While many traits of the successful will be a good roadmap for you, it will never lead you the point on the map where you will find success.

I have this thing about never being star struck, never in awe of any person regardless of what they have done. Those external forces help inspire you for the moment, but it’s not the kind of inspiration that goes 480+ minutes a day.

Once you realize all the external motivation in the world won’t get you to where you want to be, you can finally break down what needs to happen.

You can begin by looking in the mirror and be in awe of yourself.

Don’t look up to others, become someone that people are looking up to. Become someone that inspires. Become that leader you always wanted to be. Lead by example, grab the reins with both hands and don’t stop, ever. The byproduct of all these things will be the success you have been striving for.

You have the understand that all the role models that you look up will never show up and do the work for you. They won’t yell in your ear and tell you to stop procrastinating. They won’t wake you up early. They won’t push you to do better.

But you can.

Start with supreme belief in yourself. Acknowledge your weakness and take action on them. Put 3 weaknesses on a post it note and spend everyday working on just 1 of them until you can scratch it off. When you have scratched all 3 off, create a new card and repeat.

Now, on a whiteboard or large wall writing area make a list of the top 5–10 things that make you awesome in regards to whatever goal it is your trying to achieve. Step back, take it all in. You will see how many great things you have going for yourself.

Acknowledge your weakness.

Embrace your strengths.

Understand you were born with the ability to do amazing things.

Now stop waiting around for someone to do it for you and go make it happen.

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