Be More Productive, Budget Smarter, Make More Money, and Retire Early

Everything you need to think like a millionaire and create your own WealthFit life strategy, in one place.

Tracy Leigh Hazzard
Dec 4, 2018 · 3 min read
New wealth creation podcast, WealthFit, on how to create your own wealthy life strategy.

When I sat down to talk with Dustin Mathews, WealthFit’s Chief Wealth Evangelist, and co-author of No B.S. Guide to Powerful Presentations, there was something different about our conversation. He easily talked about money and wealth, with ease and without restriction. If you’ve talked to anyone in the real world, you also know, that this is rare. Most people aren’t comfortable discussing that dreaded ‘m’ word and cringe, red-faced, when others in close proximity do.

Why the Massive Money Deficit?

Why are we so afraid to own our finances? Why does money seem so daunting? And how does that prevent us from becoming wealthy? All of these questions, and so many more, have been the focus of Mathews’ WealthFit podcast, and I cannot get enough of his wealth evangelism.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

To get over this learning hump, we really need to begin exposing our old habits to new possibilities… but unless some zealous couple tells you about Than Merrill or another investment guru, the chances of you finding information or resources on financial health or becoming wealthy is slim to none. Access to wealthy lifestyle advice and resources is becoming the new buzz, because it’s overdue that we (as a collective whole) discover everything we never learned in school about money, investing, and even entrepreneurship.

Serving Up Smarts

Mathews’ podcast gets inside the heads of today’s top money-makers, investors, and celebrity entrepreneurs, to teach listeners unique ways to boost income, invest smarter, and get the very best out of life! One of the best messages I hear resonating throughout this podcast is Mathews’ urgent call for listeners to be themselves. Authenticity creates stability in life and business like nothing else, and serves as a successful launch pad for plenty looking to become WealthFit and live the life of their dreams.

Speaking of Authenticity

I truly believe that a lot of the entrepreneurs I encounter, are working so hard to create the life they see in others, or to create the perception of the life they want… that they lose their authenticity in the process. Wealth creates desperation sometimes. But everyone who achieves wealth knows this: without being firm in your authentic self, the wealth means nothing, and it’s often fleeting. As entrepreneurs, as creators, as originators, being you first, is the single biggest step you can take towards being wealthy, that exists. I don’t ever want to give the idea that a blog or a podcast (even if it is totally kickass) can fill the authenticity deficit or put you on track for wealth, when your mind is poor. The best thing you can do for your life or your business is first be you, and second, get WealthFit.

What Does It Mean To Be WealthFit?

The topics Mathews’ brings to his listeners is more unique than I’ve seen anywhere else. He has advice on lowering your tax bill, alongside advice on how to be more productive, from people who are dedicated to those topics specifically, and you know how I feel about bringing in experts. Plus all of this goodness:

● Think like a millionaire

● Budget smarter

● Make more money

● Cash flow the stock market

● Grow your business

● Make passive income

● Get out of debt

● Start a business

● Retire early

● Boost your credit score

All of these overviews are subdivided into expert advice on everything wealth involved, and which one of you couldn’t benefit from delving deeper into at least one of these topics? I’ll wait.

I don’t usually get so fired up about lifestyle-esque materials and content, but money is a big one. Money is the make or break, worthy or unworthy, can or cannot, valued or undervalued, pivot that reaches us all, and it’s long overdue that we get cozy with this ‘m’ word once and for all. Wealth is obtainable. Financial sustainability in business is obtainable. A well managed budget is obtainable…. It just seems so out of reach because (for many) nobody ever taught us how to get there. It is well beyond time we, as Mathews’ puts it, “revolutionize financial education and lead ordinary people to lives of true wealth.”

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