Beat Overwhelm And Start Saying ‘No’

Want to stand up for yourself and set clearer boundaries? It’s time to say this uncomfortable word.

There are no personal boundaries without ‘no’.

This is something I learned in this world that expects me to constantly keep up, stay head of the game and always have it together. Before I learned the power of ‘no’, I thought I always had to say yes.

Be agreeable, pleasant, a good sport.

A good friend daughter, wife, worker.

It seemed to me at the time like I had no choice but to take on everything that was asked of me.

How could I say no to a friend who depends on me?

How can I draw a line at work and admit to the already impossible workload ahead?

I didn’t want to let anyone down.

I didn’t want to show that I was ‘weak’ or incapable.

I simply didn’t want to have an honest conversation about what I truly wanted and felt.

I wasn’t courageous enough. I wasn’t listening to myself.

In a world that expected me to always say yes, I began to say no. I saw how through these ‘no’s, I was able to shape my life and fill it with things that I actually wanted.

By connecting within, I saw that no one was ever stepping into my personal space and blurring the boundaries. I just didn’t take a stance for what I wanted and what was important to me.

But this is the beginning of a life where I am free of overwhelm and in alignment with myself.

Now I say no, will you?