Become a Thrive Global Ambassador!

Do you prioritize your well-being? Are you interested in changing our culture of burnout, overwork and addiction to our phones? Become a Thrive Ambassador!

Thrive Global ambassadors are ambitious college students who have a passion for the Thrive Global mission to change the way we work and live. As an ambassador, you’ll be able to write and produce articles and videos that are published on our platform and across our social channels. In addition, ambassadors help our Thrive Global team bring a deeper focus to the real life challenges facing your fellow college students right now. Through social media, your personal networks and your campuses, you will directly impact how we cover issues relating to well-being, academic success, campus life, and productivity.

We provide our ambassadors with editorial, production and outreach training to help invite friends and peers to contribute to Thrive Global. We also look to our ambassadors to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can be a better voice to college students looking to reduce stress and enhance performance.

Your level of involvement as an ambassador is completely up to you and on your own schedule. Throughout the semester we will run contests among our ambassadors to see who can drive the most new newsletter subscribers. Ambassadors will also receive Thrive Global swag and once each semester we will plan ambassador office hours with Arianna Huffington.

This is your opportunity to have a voice in one of the most important conversations happening today: how to reduce stress and burnout to change the way we work and live. Tell your stories through essays, video and social media — we want to publish it all!

It’s easy to apply!

Send us a short letter telling us how you thrive. That’s it. Email us at with the subject line: Thrive Global Ambassador Application

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