Befriend Your Trigger.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Different cities bring unique circumstance to any work experience. Location, location, location, as the phrase goes, may bring success or failure in career and personal pursuits. And the people who accent these experiences bring a deeper life lesson.

Following the path where I could grow professionally, I lived in 5 cities. Each place offered me direct interaction with one person who utterly redefined “frustration.” It made me laugh when my greatest champion, my Mother would joke that the new annoying individual was really the same person who went into disguise and followed me from city to city. This concept caused for a pause in my formula.

The word “always” holds a vibration that keeps alive a non-ending event. In the beginning stages of learning the Law of Attraction, I practiced the importance of not using key words: always, never and just. Feeling that I “always had one person with whom I did not like,” allows for that experience to “always be present.” The Law of Attraction teacher Esther Hicks spoke on tape years ago to an individual who asked, “Why do I always meet a man who is unavailable to me?” The response stated that the Universe hears the word “always” and says, “here’s another one coming your way.” So what if I no longer needed this life lesson? How could I shift away from the trigger and response game?

The faces and circumstance appeared different, yet the lesson remained the same. To overcome this, I learned to “befriend my trigger.” And this means to love myself at ground zero impact. When the awareness of the trigger no longer holds impact, the occurrence diminishes until that life lesson is no longer needed. That same life lesson made itself available to me until I shifted my awareness and consciously chose not to be effected.

So thank you to all who show me that real growth takes place within an inner location as well. The mask of annoyance lifted, only compassion and wholeness remain.

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