“Being An Entrepreneur Is Not For The Faint Of Heart”: With CEO Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller, Melissa Miller Group
“Be prepared for disappointments and rejection. Rejection gets you one step closer to a successful sale.”

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I had the pleasure of interviewing highly successful, realtor, CEO and entrepreneur Melissa Miller of Melissa Miller Group and PremierFloridaHome.com. Melissa has spent the last two decades developing and educating herself in all aspects of Real Estate from Residential to Commercial. With over 10 years in Real estate Financing as a Mortgage Broker, it was suggested to her that, with her skill set, background and personality that she would do well on the front lines as a Real Estate Agent. There was no safety net or security of income in being a real estate agent; it was truly a startup business where she would have to take the necessary steps to grow the business if she would expect to see any success.

Your agency offers concierge services. What exactly does that mean?

The Melissa Miller Group offers the client a “one-stop shop” when it comes to buying Real Estate. As the Real Estate Consultants of choice for many Corporate Executives, Professional athletes, entertainers, these individuals are able to leave the complete process of relocating to the South Florida area to our team. We do not disclose our high profile clients names, as they count on us for discretion and privacy.

Locating the perfect home is just the beginning, out of town buyers then need to line up moving and shipping services, they need to know their options for schools for their children, local childcare/nanny service and housekeeping services. Selling their home back home is taken care of by our highly professional and experienced agent partners in all 50 states and in 110 countries around the world. We have also connected sports/entertainment and Corporate executive clients to financial advisors that can help guide them with long term planning before they finalize their plans for purchasing a home.

Concierge service is about convenience for those who live busy and demanding lives. They want to leave the finer details to professionals that have relationships with the best vendors and service providers in the area. They will come to the area for a few days to find their dream home. We have arranged for transportation, whether it’s a private jet or limousine pick up at the airport and we will provide them with a complete area orientation to familiarize them with the different areas that match their needs and lifestyle.

Once they select their home, you no longer need to be in town to close on the home. In fact, we have had clients overseas purchase a home online based only on the photos and videos. So if you are too busy to come in town and don’t want to miss viewing a home that might be perfect for you, we will arrange for a personal video tour. You can purchase a beautiful luxury home and our interior designers can furnishing the home, and our contractors can design a state of the art Home theater, lighting and security systems..

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve encountered as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is to know the needs of your customers and be ready to provide that service, keeping the growth of your business in mind. Being an expert in your field requires that you research consumer reports and know what your clients want. For example, studies have shown that communication is the number one complaint of customers so your business should be centered around regular communication with your customers. Getting their feedback and suggestions will keep them coming back and referring you to their sphere of influence.

Our clients know that we are able to dedicate our time to providing them with above and beyond service, instead of on the streets looking for new business, when they refer us to others. By the time we are ready to close the deal, they have already referred us to one or two of their friends. Business can then grow exponentially.

The challenge then becomes keeping the quality service as your business begins to grow. This is when adding additional members to your team that has the same commitment to service and fits within the culture of your business and dedicated to your mission statement and vision. Staying two steps ahead and knowing when you are at capacity for providing quality service is important so that service does not suffer. Exceeding expectations is the key to business growth no matter what line of business you may be in.

What is the best piece of advice you have an aspiring entrepreneur?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur for me has been an exercise in conquering fear. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, you must know that on this road you will have challenges that will discourage you early on. I have had many fears to conquer on the path to success.

-Fear of Competition — What competition? No one can operate your business the way you can, no one can relate to your clients the way that you can. No matter what service you offer or what industry you may be in, you are unique and there will always be clientele that would prefer to work with you over another business.

-Fear of Failure — Be prepared for disappointments and rejection. Rejection gets you one step closer to a successful sale. Don’t be afraid to ask why they have chosen another option and take note for the future.

- Fear of letting go — You have built a successful business your clients love you and now you have so many clients that you need help. You need to learn to hire the right people that have similar values and character. They should fit into the culture of your business and you will delegate the lower level tasks so that you can focus on the most important part of growing your business which is building relationships with your clients

-Conquer your fears and there is nothing that can stop you from developing and growing a successful business.

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