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Best Office Exercise Routine Online. Quick 10 Minute Fitness Routine For Energy

The best Office Exercise routine online! Press play on this quick 10 minute fitness video for a energy, stress relief, and work wellness. Better yet, share this office exercise routine with your colleagues for a happier, healthier workplace!

The Best Office Exercise Routine Video

Best Office Exercise Routine

“I’m a desk worker and this is the best routine I’ve seen on YouTube! Thank you! You do an excellent job guiding too :)” — Nevin O

“My colleague and I do this little routine regularly at work; we love it and find it really helpful :-)” — Ruth L

It’s the middle of your work day and your body is starting to feel…. achy. Do you reach for the diet coke or fall face first into the communal office jar of sweets? Not always the best recipe for stress relief…. in fact caffeine and sugar act as stimulants that can actually trigger MORE anxiety in your body and mind. They also act as a fast track to an energy crash. Next time your back is stiff or your mood needs a boost, pause and take a moment for a few easy office exercises at your desk. Believe it or not, these simple movements have the power to boost your energy, mood, and performance. They may make you feel even more amazing than that second diet coke…

Give it a go (you can thank me later). Want to start a work wellness revolution? Live by example! Personal wellbeing drives professional wellbeing and when you FEEL good it shows. Office exercise can become a normal thing. It starts with you. Get moving, feel amazing, and other people will probably want to join.

Leave me a comment below if you try this office exercise routine and let me know how you feel. I do these office exercises regularly to beat stress and help my body feel its best.

Bring wellness into your workplace: contact me at for a list of corporate workshops and team building seminars. Let’s start a movement together.

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“Very helpful! I work behind a desk and after work I have to rush home to get my nine month old then straight to cooking and cleaning. After bathing her for bed I feel like I have no time for exercise which I really need to put it in my daily plans. But from watching your video this will allow me to have my daily exercise while at work. Thanks for sharing I’m loving it” — Lekeshi B

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Originally published at on January 28, 2018.



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Caroline Jordan

Caroline Jordan

Fitness Expert, Corporate Wellness Consultant, and Health Coach.