Replace your income FASTER by doing this simple thing

How your thoughts and words create your reality — for good or for bad

What do you find yourself saying a lot? I mean, A LOT.

You’ve probably heard “your thoughts and words create your reality,” right? If you’ve been a part of the online personal/business development space for long, you’ve probably heard it a bunch.

I believe we are MADE to create our worlds with our words. We are designed to bring our dreams and our passions to life.

Upgrading your language, phrase by phrase, is a very tangible, simple, and free way to change your thoughts, feelings and things that you say to be more in line with what you actually desire.

Not only that, the words you speak have a direct impact on the results you see in your business and bank account.

It’s something I work with all of my clients on. It’s why I have a “no whining” policy in my private Facebook group. And something I’m consistently working on myself.

It’s a real strategy that might seem too simple to be useful, but it’s super-smart.

But what does it really mean in practicality, for our day-to-day life?

How do we make this actionable (because we high-achievers LOVE a good “to do,” am I right?

How can we apply it to get rapid changes in our incomes?

Here are 3 simple steps for you.

Step 1: Let’s Start With One of the Worst Offenders

I’m all about SIMPLE strategies, so let’s start by replacing some of the most damaging words we all say — “I CAN’T.”

Have you ever found yourself saying something that starts with “I CAN’T?”

I can’t quit my job because…

I can’t seem to get clients…

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…

I can’t focus…

I can’t seem to stop procrastinating…

I can’t find enough time to do what I want to do…

Ahem, I used to say ALL OF THESE THINGS, so I’m raising my hand right alongside you.

But here’s the thing…by saying these things, you are actually affirming that they are true and perpetuating them into the future!

Instead, replace them with:

I AM moving toward quitting my job

I AM getting clients

I already HAVE all the pieces to move forward

I CREATE the time to focus today

I DO have the ability to move forward today

This isn’t just “woo-woo,” it’s neuroscience. You have neural pathways that make the habitual “I can’ts” feel familiar and “true,” and so the new phrases feel unfamiliar and false at first. BUT, your brain will look for reasons that whatever you believe/think/speak is TRUE.

So, when you speak, you are actually affirming and creating more of what you said, so let’s change that to be something in line with your true desires and values!

Step 2: Take Down the Next Big Dream-Crushing Giant

Banish the big, bad “I DON’T” from your vocabulary.

“I don’t know how” is probably the biggest way this busted phrase shows up, but of course there are others, so start to notice which ones you use!

To upgrade right now, transform “I don’t know how” into…

How can I?

Give your brain the chance to look for the answer in the background of the rest of your life, and it will! The answer might come to you while you’re showering (all the time for me — this is why I love Aqua Notes! ), washing dishes, or driving (you can create a voice memo on your phone to capture it).

Tony Robbins says that successful people are simply the ones who ask better questions.

And “How can I?” is a GREAT example that you can start using right now.

What is that one thing that you will start asking “How can I?” about?

Step 3: Give Your Whole Vocab a Makeover Worthy of Its Own Episode on “Fixer Upper”

️There are so many negative phrases that we speak over and over again that even if we don’t intend to, we are conditioning our minds and hearts to believe them. Once you’ve made progress with the two biggest offenders, it’s time to embrace this new way of speaking fully.

Here’s a quick reference guide to your next language upgrades:




I’M NOT — ->I AM




The thing is, all of these phrases are POWERFUL, but you get to decide if you’re using that power to make things easier for you, or more challenging.

Which will it be for you?

️So today, just today, start at the beginning and notice what you say. Pay attention to the words that come out of your mouth or what runs through your mind. Write down all the “before” phrases you catch yourself thinking and saying a lot. This is your list that you will commit to change.

Before you know it, your heart and mind will be all in as well, and your business and bank account will be well on their way to flourishing like never before!

Follow up

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