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“Better Transparency In Advertising” With Jay Singh, Founder Of ClearCoin

Jay Singh is the Founder and CEO of ClearCoin.

Thank you for doing this! Can you tell us a little about how your company was born?

Our company really arose for the supply chain of the media and advertising industry. As you know, as we all know, blockchains can also make supply chains more efficient. Right now the media and supply chain is just one big hot mess. What I mean by that is there are a lot of inaccuracies. There are a lot of unknown variables as far as where the traffic is coming from, is it valid human traffic or is it bot traffic. So we said, if we apply blockchain to the media and advertising supply chain, what is that going to do as far as better transparency and better efficiency? Low and behold, a lot of big advertisers have already been reaching out to us to get that ball rolling. They are really interested and really want to know what is going to happen with blockchain and the advertising supply chain industry.

That is how we started here. Experimenting with different blockchain companies, I saw an opportunity to help cure 16 billion in ad fraud. We got a good name, a good website, brought some good people in and it took off from there.

Can you explain exactly what your company does?

We are really a token powered platform. As a token powered app platform, we are really for the media and advertising industry to power that engine. So basically, we have advertisers that come in and want to run campaigns and our software allows them to do that. The blockchain aspect of it allows for better tracking of ad quality.

What 3 specific pieces of advice would you give someone who is deciding to get into crypto for the first time?

Getting a good read on how it works. Meaning really knowing how it works and why it works. Why is the blockchain popular, why are these crypos getting popular, I think getting a good understanding of that is a good foundation.

Secondly, there are obviously the projects everyone knows about, like the bitcoins of the world. Then there are some more up and coming projects out there that might have a bigger upside.

Last thing is having a balanced portfolio. You know, don’t put your whole life in just crypto. Find some other things you can invest in like education or stocks, real estate or whatever. There is a lot places you can put money. The crypto stuff is one area so find a balance.

Is there anything else you can share with us about the current state of the industry and what we can expect in the next 5 years?

The industry right now is a 400 to 500 billion dollar industry and in next 5 years I think it will get bigger. I don’t try to forecast exactly where it is going to go but what I can say is the adoption of crypto is definitely growing. We are getting to a point where the crypto economy may rival the fiat economy. There are still vastly different sides but I think that could happen in the next 10–20 years, where it gets even more mainstream than it is.

Thank you for that insight!

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