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A Personal Revelation of Blessing In Disguise

It may not be as bad as you think it is. #Perspectivematters

What do you choose to see? #narrowedvision

What is a blessing?

What do you count as a blessing?

A blessing is not the absence of trouble, sorrow or difficulty; rather it is the hidden favorable eventuality in spite of it all! #tweetthat

· A blessing is a warm blanket on a cold stormy night even though you have the bed just for the night.

· Blessing is finding out that though something important is broken, it is also fixable.

· Blessing is being sick and the doctors can find a diagnosis and treat you…not everyone is that lucky. Blessing is not necessarily the absence of sickness.

· Blessing is finding comfort, understanding in the presence of people who barely know you, yet deeply get you. It is not the absence of pain.

· Blessing is having friends walk with you through trying times, it is not the absence of trials.

· Blessing is finding out where your enemy put the bomb, having enough time, skill and mental calmness to detonate the bomb. It is not the absence of enemies or their bombs.

· Blessing is not having your pantry and refrigerator full of food, but a friend from another town, far away thought of you, baked and shipped over your favorite snack- that is a blessing!

· Blessing is someone waiting for you, far into the night, just to see you walk through the door because they care. Even though you don’t particularly like them.

· Blessing is having someone knock on your door just because they wanted to say hi, that doesn’t happen every day, in all places.

· Blessing is not the absence of bills but the ability to pay those bills; even if it is just in time.

· Blessing is finding out early about the ongoing damage before it becomes irreparable. It is not the absence of damage or the potential of ruin.

· Blessing is being hurt and yet experiencing healing; whether you think it be gradual, quick or nonexistent, be assured that healing is taking place. It is not the absence of hurt.

· Blessing is not the absence of war, but providence, protection and victory in spite of it.

· Blessing is not lack of screams and transient sibling rivalry from your kids but the memories it all provides…plus you have kids? wow! what a blessing!

· Blessing is not the absence of mistakes, failures, and regrets but the “near-misses” you had…it could have been worse you know…..

· Blessing is not crying over the years wasted at that job you hate, but appreciating the fact that you got to know yourself better…so you can make better decisions.

· Blessing is not the lack of a drama-free spouse, but a healthy, progressive, living, strong marriage because of that “excess passion” from this loyal troublemaker that loves you deeply.

· Blessing is not a perfect life of structure and order. It is a conglomeration of the highs and lows of a life permanently embellished with grace.

· Blessing, is because all these things happened to you, YET…, EVEN SO…, you are here; alive, better, stronger, faster and living.

For this reasons and more, I am truly blessed.

My personal revelation of “count it all joy…”

It’s all about perspective baby!

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