Boo Hoo — Why it might be good to cry

From finances, to health, to family and to work, everyone is talking about how to bring balance to their lives. The naturopathic philosophy believes that if perfect balance exists in the body-mind-soul there will be perfect health. If the chemistry of your body is in balance it follows that the body is healthy and strong. Likewise, if the mind and its emotional states are calm and centered, mental balance is achieved. But keeping the biochemistry of the body-mind in balance is a slippery slope. Stress, anxiety, financial and relationship problems, as well as environmental factors constantly bombard us and throw us off balance. The secret is to be able to sway and move with flexibility like a well-grounded and rooted tree. It is the ability to weather any storm without losing our balance that buffers us against a fall.

Part of staying flexible enough to insure balance is the ability to let go and let the body chemistry rebalance itself. We can do this with a good Boo Hoo.

Yes, a good cry might be a good place to start. Scientists have discovered that tears from crying as opposed to reflex tears (blinking), remove toxic chemicals from the body. Emotional tears contain higher levels of adrenocortrophic (ACTH) than reflex tears. The body increases production of ACTH in reaction to stress. ACTH then pushes the production of cortisol which suppresses the immune system (among other things).

Removing ACTH through a good cry lowers the amount of ACTH in the body which lowers the output of cortisol and may lead to a balancing of the body’s chemistry, a balancing of the immune system, and to better health. Whenever we are upset and stressed, there is an imbalance in the chemicals that make up our body. This imbalance further affects our emotional state. Perhaps it is best to first try and rebalance the chemistry of the body and then tackle the emotional issues behind the stress?

Further the Freudian theory tells us that it is good to express our emotions. It’s good to get things out rather than suppressing them. However, we should be careful when someone is constantly crying. This could be a sign of a deep rooted mood disorder such as depression. Researchers have discovered that people with mood disorders do not usually feel better after a good cry.

Here are a few facts about crying:

· 88.8% of people feel better after crying

· On average women cry forty-seven times a year as compared to men who cry seven

· Until puberty the levels of crying are about equal across gender — testosterone may reduce crying where estrogen and progesterone may increase crying

· Men may sweat more of the toxins related to stress(ACTH) than women due to larger sweat levels

· Crying may actually reduce pain so children should not be told not to cry.

A good cry just might clear the body of toxins and relieve the mind of negative emotions. If the eyes are the window to the soul a good cry might just wash the windows clean giving us a fresh perspective on life. So go ahead and boo hoo. A good cry can be good for the body, the mind and the soul. What’s good for the body, the mind and the soul is good for your health. And whatever is good for your health is sure to make you thrive!

Tear are raindrops from your soul. They replenish life. ~ Doctor Lynn

Doctor Lynn