Bowling or Bowled over?

If I lived in a bowl, I would want to be protected from the world outside of the bowl…as I live in and outside of the boundaries of bowls, I seek ways to protect myself from being bowled over…

Television’s mainstream media has mostly become Smellavision as there is: hype; entertainment; infotainment; pundit banter; chatty kathy’s; arm-chair preachers; fake news and over-coverage…all seeking ways to instill fear, confusion and drive you to buy the sponsor’s products.

As I look at them, looking at us and us programmed to look at the perception of us, I wonder….

Proof is in the truth and since truth cannot change, my focus today will be to weed my garden so I cannot be stirred or bowled over…the daily bread of this day does not have to be the crumbs of yesterday, as I have chosen to make my hopes and dreams of tomorrow my fuel of this day.

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