Brushing Up on What’s Good For You

How To Detox Your Skin in under 2 minutes!

It’s instant gratification, super easy and it’s the cheapest way to see and feel major benefits to your skin right away!

Benefits to Dry Skin Brushing:

We’re detoxing your entire body by eliminating toxins, removing dead skin (which is why you’re going to experience softer glowing skin), activating red blood cells to stimulate healing, getting your lymph nodes moving, oh and smoothing your cellulite! Do you need any other reasons?!

The best part - it takes less than 2 minutes to dry brush your entire body!

It’s completely idiot-proof; Just brush in long upward strokes toward your heart, starting from your feet and working all the way up to your neck. While brushing over your stomach, be sure to move in clockwise movements to get that digestive system moving correctly.

As your blood cells start to engage, expect your skin to become slightly pink.

So, when’s the best time to maximize ultimate skin radiance and health? Anytime will be beneficial — just start brushing, but before your shower in the morning is the most ideal to maximize the benefits all day long!

Tip: You don’t need to spend more than $14 on a brush and be sure to find one with a long handle so you can get to your back and legs easily.

Cheers to healthier glowing skin!

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