Building Compassion.

10 ways to build compassion today

Mar 3, 2014 · 4 min read
Dr. Sastri of the Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary

Ten ways you can build compassion today:

1) Taking 10 minutes out of your day to understand your body. Sit down and massage your face with your thumbs, Massage your hands. Massage your thighs, hips, and legs. Work your way down to your feet and massage it. During this time, think of your body. Your existence. Be content with having this body. Appreciate yourself. First step to build compassion towards anything is to first build compassion towards yourself.

2) Take time to appreciate your Breath. The sensation of your breath coming in and out of your nose. The breath that powers your lungs. The breath that gives you your energy. Tell yourself, “I love you breath! Thank you for being with me.” Do this everyday.

3) Is there a squirrel or a deer in your back yard? A bird that’s always on your porch? I bet there is some ant or tiny critter on your front door just wandering around. Find a time of the day and go feed it. Give these beings of nature your love, your unconditional love. Humans might have jealousy, hate or anger towards you but these beings give you what you give them. Build compassion by feeding the nature around you today.

4) Say “thank you” often and say “I’m sorry” often. Doesn’t matter if it was your fault or not, if something has happened in your presence that has caused others harm then whole-heartedly express your sorry. If someone shows gratitude towards you, say thank you. Life is short. You’re in this body for God knows how long. Say sorry often and say thank you often. Build the attitude of gratitude. This will make you a wonderful being.

5) Keep your heart open. Neither hate nor love should completely control your heart. Too much love and you might be vulnerable. Too much hate and you might become a power of destruction! Just be as you are. Open your heart and reciprocate peacefully to others. Your open heart will open the hearts of many others around you. Remember you are Divine light! You just need to express it.

6) Be aware of the nature around you. Go for a walk. Feel the wind on your skin. Touch the leaves of a tree. Go freaking hug a tree! Grow your own vegetables, fruits, flowers in your home. Smile at a random stranger. Give a child a hug (children are closer to nature with their unconditioned mind than adults are). Just be aware of the beautiful world that exists around you.

7) Do your job. Do it right. Whether it’s being a good husband, wife, mother, daughter, sister and brother. Do what it is that you need to do to be good. Be obedient and kind to your loved ones. Never do anything that pushes them away. Open your being to them. Compassion starts at home.

8) Be understanding. If someone yells at you, someone hurts you. Don’t conquer them with the same but just say, “Okay, I’m sorry”. Own up to it if it is your mistake. If it is not, walk away or remain silent. Do something that will allow them to understand themselves. Just be understanding. It is okay to assume that they might be fighting a tough battle. Let it be.

9) Be honest with yourself. Don’t just understand others but try to understand yourself. Who you are and what you are is up to you and you only. This starts with understanding your being first and the only way to do that is by listening to yourself. Take some time out of your day to do nothing. Sit and do nothing and just listen to yourself.

10) Think of humanity at large. You are in a body. A beautiful body. This body is a privilege. It is an honor. Is what you are doing today helping the world around you? Is what you are saying today helping the people around you? Will you be satisfied with the life you are leading today while you are on your deathbed? When you look back at all that you have done, will you be able to leave this temporary, material body with a peace of mind? Ask yourself.

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