Burnout at Work is Avoidable — 5 Ideas for Your Rescue

Burnout is a thing that nobody wants. And you can avoid it. 
No matter if you own your own business. If you are a freelancer or digging your gigging. Or if you clock in every morning as a loyal employee. 
 You must take your Wellbeing and your 360° Success seriously.

Burnout is a serious thing that can sneak upon you no matter how you earn your income. And whether you belong to generation X, Y or Z. And whether you have a boss or if you are your own boss.

Some of the things that must be in good shape have to do with your workplace or your boss. But some of the things have to do with yourself. So this is not a situation where you can lay the full blame on others, so sorry my friend.

You should work to live — not live to work!

Burnout or Fun at Work

Even though you cannot manage time. And maybe not everything at work. You can always manage your energy
You can make sure to take good care of yourself. Get enough sleep, exercise and good nutrition for your body and mind. 
You must also find ways to have fun at work. Take breaks during your day. Go for a walk. Meditate. Practice Mindfulness. Send a joke to your colleagues. Have cup of coffee, chat and laugh with colleagues.

Make sure to charge your batteries during the day before they run empty.

You have this life to enjoy, make sure to do so.

Burnout in a Vacuum at work

If you have a boss at work I hope it is a good one. One that gives you regular, supportive and encouraging feedback.

One that let´s you know what is expected of you.
One that celebrates your successes with you.
One that shows interest in you as a person and cares for your overall wellbeing.

If not… Well then ask for all of this. Ask your boss for a feedback. Ask your boss what is expected of you. Ask your boss about how your performance is measured.

Ask your boss when and how you will celebrate your successes.

Getting no feedback at work increases the chances of a burnout.

Try to have relationships at work that support you, and your wellbeing.

Burnout with no support, at work and outside of work

I know you are a smart and hard-working person. But remember you don´t have to do everything yourself. And maybe you should start by defining what is essential in your work and life. And what is just extra and nonessential.

Give your family, friends and coworkers the opportunity to help you out. At work and at home. They might welcome the chance. Just ask for help when you need it.

Burnout with no life outside of work

How are your working hours? Are you working more than you have to? Are you always logged on? Do you have any boundaries? Do you use all your vacation days? Do you enjoy your vacations? Do you have hobbies? Do you volunteer?

Make sure to have a life outside of work. Find ways to integrate your life and work
 In the early 2000´s people were trying to balance work and life. Since then we have learned that this is more about finding ways to integrate those two. Preferably for the benefit of everybody.

No matter how much you enjoy your work. Having a life outside of it makes your life more fun and meaningful. It even makes you better at work. You will become more creative, more resilient, more flexible and so much more.

Burnout with no identity outside of work

How do you introduce yourself when you meet new people? Do you introduce yourself as your work title?

Who are you as a person? What are your personal values? What do you like? What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? Where did you travel in your latest vacation? What books are on your nightstand? How would your neighbors describe you? What do you want to stand for as a person?

Who are you really? You must be something else and something more than your work title. Something that no one can take away from you.

Burn for your life — but avoid Burnout!

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