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Can Altered States Save The World?

Maxime Caron — Unsplash
  • Daydreaming
  • Meditation
  • Listening to music that inspires you/lifts you up
  • Being still or walking in nature
  • Running
  • Being creative
  • Breathing
  • Hypnosis
  • Dancing
  • Drumming
  • Some forms of yoga
  • The Wim Hof Method
  • Sex (orgasm)
  • Singing in the shower
  • Being in a floatation tank
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Native ceremonies
  • Being at a funeral
  • Being in a traumatic accident
  • Having an illness/fever
  • Mind control (spiritual/church leaders)
  • Tools used for disassociation
  • Methods for escaping reality
  • Addiction



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