Can every day be a friday?

Short Answer : it can!

What is it that makes Friday so special? Is it the prospect and hope associated with the upcoming weekend? Days where you don’t necessarily have to do anything? Days that you can spend with family and connect with yourself in ways that aren’t possible during the busy work week?

What if I told you everyday could feel like a Friday, and it’s entirely within your control! I never thought so — I always thought that my feelings and thoughts were are the mercy of the calendar.

I mean we hate Mondays because society tells us to, right?

What I have come to realize is that the benefit of mindfulness and awareness is the opportunity to experience that special Friday feeling whenever I want! My emotions and reactions are no longer tied to the specific day of the week.

Practicing mindfulness allows me to be present in the moment. It allows me to detach from any concept of time. When I’m mindful I can’t live in the “as soon as” mindset.

As soon as I get that next big promotion, that new car, weight loss, a baby / child I have always wanted or the start of the weekend. I never realized the answer was in front of me all the time. And it’s quite simple.

The most mindful question I ask myself when my mind gets lost in a flurry of projection and anxiety is this:

What would I do at this moment if I had that thing?
If it WAS Friday what would I do right now? Would I exercise, leave work early? Nap? Clean my house? Read something that I have been putting aside? Have lunch with friends?

It is even more obvious when I use weight loss as an example! I weigh 300 pounds and I spend considerable time beating myself up. I berate myself for not being 290 pounds. I obsess, ruin days, kill productivity and prevent myself from being present. It affects all my relationships because it is a constant downer.

I had a conversation with a great friend when he asked the simple question that helped me change everything…”what exactly would you do if I you were 290 pounds?”

Would you exercise, play with your kids, celebrate your relationships? Would you have better self esteem or a more successful business? As you can see the list goes on forever.

So why not act as if you are 290 pounds today? I realized that the one thing I would do if I was 290 I would obsess and berate myself for not being 280! That isn’t a joke. I would literally not appreciate my accomplishment and continue to expend energy on nothing.

So how much weight would I have to lose in order to be happy? Isn’t that what is really going on? And why can’t I be happy overweight?

Getting back to Friday, the same mentality applies. Monday is no different than Friday! I might have to really assess how I assign priorities. I might have to finally get in touch with my authentic self and determine how aware I truly am.

So what would you do if you could make today be your friday?

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