Capture A Motion to Energize and Balance Emotions

Through service to those around us

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Meeting my responsibilities head-on not only gives me energy but a healthy burst of well-being and balance. And it’s mostly through service to benefit others. I rarely feel as good doing something for myself as when I’m doing something for others first! So, my mind, body, and spirit are always in motion and somehow, that automatic routine refreshes and refuels me with more energy emotionally. I’ve often been told to think first of myself to energize or recharge, but this has never worked well for me unless I’ve met my responsibilities first.

A long time ago, I had too much on my plate and couldn’t say no; I couldn’t keep up with my job or my responsibilities, which drained me and led me to a change for the better. Now I can understand what I had to do to balance my time, which is more valuable than financial wealth, and has rewarded me a hundred times over in health and well-being for over 40 years, not to mention the dividends for my family. I now do less of what everyone else might consider more important, and politely say no to things that have no value for me or my family.

People have different dynamics and go about things in ways that fit their lifestyles. Some might have their own understanding of ways to measure and keep healthy balance to increase their energy, and others might search outside for other means; and yet, this might be more draining for others. In my opinion, the seemingly small pressures and responsibilities around the home, family, or work can actually contribute a significant amount of natural dopamine and energy, providing a feeling of well-being and burst of energy, even before we search for other outlets. This practice of service to those around us may bring us the balanced energy we all need.

Some good old-fashioned wisdom:

When I was a young girl, I’d walk past some of the trinkets or toys left on the living room floor by my 8 younger siblings; my mother taught us to be grateful for the opportunity to bend over and pick up these things. She reminded us that each time we bent over; we were building up our stomach muscles while helping to keep our waistlines trim and the beauty of our house in order. This was just one of the many opportunities (as Mom called them) for us to have healthy motion and effort which would give us energy and well-being. She also taught us the health benefits of taking a nap in the afternoon, and the importance of getting those 8 or more hours of sleep at night, something that’s healthier and more rejuvenating than anything else in the world, not to mention being the best beauty regimen! My mother was an active, beautiful, joyful, and healthy woman at sixty years old, even after giving birth to 18 children! I’m deeply grateful to Arianna Huffington’s years of research on the importance of sleep that is critically necessary for health and survival in our fast-paced world. Getting enough sleep continues to keep me balanced.

But I never forgot what my mother taught me, and by realizing the purpose of my actions performed for others, I not only feel healthier, I also have a sense of accomplishment whenever I do them. Mom valued her time and gave greater importance to some of the simplest tasks of being a wife and mother. She even mentioned how she preferred hanging clothes outside rather than in the clothes dryer, as she enjoyed the health benefits of being out in the clean fresh air while being in motion. This also reminds me to enjoy the fresh air around me to the point that I stop and take a conscious breath between doing my grocery shopping, or sitting at my desk! It seems our society today has forgotten that some of those energy enhancers are still close at hand to increase our health and well-being, whether we have a professional career or are a homemaker. I truly feel that many of us can get a head start through our simple service at home or at work, walking, sleeping, taking naps, and taking a few breaths of fresh air wherever we are! I have found my mother’s secrets have been beneficial for everyone, and therefore I share them in my books. Through putting them into motion, I’ve become more balanced in mind, body, and spirit, while still energized doing things her way. To me, putting things in motion, moving around and getting exercise, rest and sleep, helps provide a healthy balance for our all our emotions.

I’m grateful for gyms and spas that are available to keep us healthy and invigorated. But I must confess, I love and would rather take a walk or ride a bike than go to a gym or spa; And that’s perhaps the reason I continue to stay in motion as much as possible.

About Catherine Nagle: Catherine grew up in Philadelphia with 16 brothers and sisters, reared by loving, old-school Italian parents. Catherine’s artist father’s works graced churches and public buildings; her mother was a full-time homemaker. A professional hairdresser, Catherine worked in various salons while studying the Bible and pursuing spiritual growth through courses, seminars, lectures, the works of Marianne Williamson, and through conferences, including the National Theology of the Body Congress.

She is an Ambassador of the Society of Emotional Intelligence and a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. The mother of two children, and now a grandmother, Catherine lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and son. She is the author of Imprinted Wisdom and Absence and Presence and a contributor to Anne Born’s These Winter Months: The Late Orphan Project Anthology.

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