Carve Out Your Own Wellness Retreat

Kelly Richardson
Mar 8, 2017 · 3 min read

Retreats can be expensive. Thousands of dollars for a weekend away in which someone guides you through meditation, spa treatments, healthy food, some self awareness activities, and maybe some exercise. There’s no reason you can’t create your own.

Sometimes, the only answer to our crazy, hectic lives is a solid break from our everyday life in order to focus on ourselves and personal development.

The Aegean Suite, which opens up on all angles to the Mediterreanean Pool at the Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs is the perfect place to carve out your retreat. © Korakia

Choose the right place to disconnect. It’s important if you are going to “check out” for a few days to find a place that allows you to do just that. I’m not talking a hotel near a city center, or one with thousands of rooms. I’m talking an intimate location, with very few people, peace and quiet, and that feels free flowing. Albeit, a campsite, hotel, Airbnb, your pick…just make sure it flows. My pick: The Korakia. When I arrived and found no televisions, no noise, and a general free-flowing vibe, I felt guilty about asking for the wi-fi password, so I restrained myself from doing so.

Ranked as one of the “Sexiest Pools in the World” by Leisure Magazine, the Mediterranean Pool at Korakia combines fire and water elements. © Loving the Suite Life

Find the elements. According to Greek Mythology, the elements that rule our existence are fire, earth, water, air, and ether. Incorporate all of these into your retreat to balance your well-being. My fave way to do this: going for a midnight swim, fireside at Korakia and a hike in nearby Joshua Tree.

The breakfast at Korakia includes three options that don’t disappoint. Shown here, Huevos Rancheros and fresh squeezed Orange Juice. © Loving the Suite Life

Nourish. Listen to your body, feed your soul. Look for organic, local, farm to table food and snacks to accompany you on your retreat. Stop at a farm stand, or hit a farmers market. Better yet, pick a retreat space that has a focus on fresh, local food.

Sun Salutations on Sundays at Korakia. © Korakia

Move. Hike, swim, stretch. Move your body, get some exercise. Can’t find the time to carve out a workout at home. When you are on a retreat you have nothing but time to do the things your body is craving. If your place of retreat doesn’t have options ask for local recommendations to fitness pro’s that can guide you on a local hike, or incorporate a private yoga session.

Massage on the terrace by the pool at Korakia. © Korakia

Relax. Start off your retreat with a massage, body scrub, facial, reflexology treatment, whatever it is that will get your body in “time out” mode. Close your eyes and get into vacation mode. If your place of retreat doesn’t have on-site therapists, my go-to when traveling is Soothe. They’ll send an amazing therapist right to your hotel room.

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