Change Your Life In Under An Hour

A Life-Hack You Can Apply Right Now For Instant Results

Where do our thoughts come from, specifically the negative ones? What influences the developement of our mentalities and perspectives? And why are there dozens of HGTV series featuring dramatic transformations of spaces, impressive before & afters, interior decorating & construction dreams?

Why would I pose such questions concurrently?

It’s because of the relationship between our thoughts and our space; our perspective and our surroundings; our mentalities and our environments.

Space matters.

That’s precisely the crux of nearly every addicting HGTV home-makeover show, and I stand behind it 100%. Here’s why:

Take a coffee shop. People go to coffee shops to work, to study, to read, or to write, not because they’re quiet or spaces of solitude, but because of the atmosphere they create. If it came down to cubicle vs. coffee shop, wouldn’t we all choose the latter?

(Which is ironic, becuase a cubicle is designed for work with total disregard for atmosphere, while a coffee shop is designed for atmosphere with little to no regard for work.)

Space matters.

The coffee shop offers mood-setting music, soft lighting, delicious and permeating scents, fresh, constantly changing scenery, and a community of clearly like-minded people (seeing as you all chose the same place to be at the same time.) It’s inspiring without even trying to be.

Has a cubicle ever been described as inspiring?

Think of where you spend most of your time: your bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, your car, your office, the gym, the grocery store, school, a classroom.

Think of the types of thinking that occur in each space. The relationship between your thoughts and the space you’re in is not arbitrary.

Spaces in the world are designed to give us certain feelings, thoughts, mentalities.

So if you’re feeling particularly down, thinking particularly negatively, or approaching the world with a particularly pessimistic mentality, why not change your environments and consequently change those mental aspects of your life you’re not-so-happy with?

Ok, but how?

It’s easy, and it doesn’t need to be as drastic as an HGTV transformation.

You might start by incorporating a new environment altogether.

For example, are you spending anytime outside during the week? Try driving to the park and sitting on a bench for a few minutes or dragging a chair right outside your back door to enjoy the sunset tonight.

Maybe your current environments are pretty limited: home, work, gym, home. How could you add in a new, different space into your routine? Could you take your lunch break somewhere else? Stop for a snack once or twice a week after work at your local cafe? Head to the library and browse the shelves rather than heading straight home after the gym?

A very magical (albeit obvious) thing happens when you spend time in a new & different space: you begin to start forming new & different thoughts. Because space matters.

You could also start by tweaking small things in the spaces you’re already in.

Light a candle. Open the blinds. De-clutter. Move the furniture. Fold the blankets. Put some flowers in a vase. Organize that mail-littered TV tray. Bring a lamp into the room. Put up a poster. Turn on some music.

There are so many small things to change in any space, and if you’re looking for some environmental transformations, consider your senses and ask yourself:

What do I see?

What do I smell?

What do I hear?

What can I touch?

After all, that’s what makes up an environment, right? It’s by changing tiny things like that, that you begin to change bigger things, like your attitude and your choices.

You might have never noticed the connection between where you are and how you think, but it becomes quite obvious with just a little awareness. Start by thinking of your environments and the types of thoughts you have in each one, and then start making changes and see what happens to those thoughts.

It’s a small but sure-fire way to change your whole life in under an hour. Even if you’re not feeling down or frustrated, perhaps you’re looking for more creative inspiration, a change of scenery or just a new perspective entirely. Changing your environment is one the most basic and simple places to start.

Give it a shot and see how your thoughts transform!

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