Your own personal insurance policy.


The big 3. These are the boxes you need to check everyday to create your own insurance policy as it relates to your health.

1. Hydration

2. Exercise

3. Food Intake

Lets make this really simple.

Hydration = 1/2 Bodyweight in Ounces of Water per Day

Exercise = 20–30 Minutes of Cardiovascular at a Heavy Breathing Pace/ 20–30 Minutes of Weights- using loads above comfortable.

Food Intake = Clean Eating- Fruits/ Vegetables/ Nuts, Seeds/ Lean Meats, Chicken, Fish- stay away from sauces and marinades. No salt on your food.

Now this is a simple prescription for an adult looking to get/ stay in shape.

For athletes, this would be a bit more complex in regards to caloric intake assessment, progression and programming based on seasonality.

With all the marketing hype out there, most people do not even know where to begin. So.. they never do.

Or, they do what they know or see others do. Often times a recipe for disaster.

Push the body. Challenge it. Your training session should not be built around comfort. It must challenge you and push you to elevate your cardiac and muscular fitness.

My SWEAT-A-DAY Formula is a great way to keep yourself accountable in a simple way. Sweat every day from exercise. Exercise should be a combination of cardiovascular conditioning and weight training. Both. Not one or the other. Both.

Rather than getting overly complex, lets get back to basics. Let’s get you training again. Let’s get you to enjoy the feeling of your body changing for the better. Let’s get your to relish in the mirror as your body changes shape and form in a positive direction.

You can do it. Find your WHY. Find your PURPOSE. Than fall in love with your training. Do it for YOU. # trainlikeapro

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