Claim Your Path

I think that one of the worst ways you can travel through your life is by allowing another person’s inabilities, fears or insecurities to enter your mind and take away your possibilities.

A few years ago I was taking a trip to Costa Rica. Each person I told replied with either excitement or worry. “Watch out for the…” was what some said and others were like “Oh, that’s so cool. Have a blast!”

What I realized at that point was that the worriers or negative comment people were people who always responded that way to whatever I was doing in my life and if I had let them get to me or take up space in my head then I wouldn’t have done ANYTHING. I would have let THEIR fears hinder my life. The other thing I noticed was that the people who were excited and positive about my upcoming trip were those that were always excited about anything I was doing. They were and still are my personal cheerleaders. They are also the ones that go out,take chances, and by doing so have VERY interesting lives. Who do you think I keep in my corner for support on my new adventure of creating children’s books?

We all have that inner voice which is uniquely ours. It is waiting deep inside you to help you along your journey if you are open to tapping into it.You have the choice to go there, listen to that voice and to act upon it. It is up to you and you alone. On the flip side you also have the choice not to go there, listen or act upon it. You can let the voice of someone else voice ring in your ears and change your mind; someone who would love to make your life like theirs but in the end that may not be right for you.

When you follow directly in someone else’s footsteps, it ends up showing only one person on a journey and not the reality of two.

You were given your life to live in your way with all of the pleasures, struggles, happiness and unhappiness that life will inevitably present to you.

Get to the life you were meant to live by taking your journey with your own unique set of footprints. Claim your path!

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