Clarity, A Guided Discourse

I feel anxious. What’s going on? I don’t know. Where do you feel this in the body? It’s in my chest, my shoulders, no wait, in my head. OK, What is your intention? My intention, can it be more than one thing? Yes. I want to get rid of my anxiety.

So what that really means is that you want clarity. Yes. You want to see it clearly, know how to communicate it and then know what to do with it. This is very easy.

I will explain how three dynamics work together, all for your highest good. And I will help you identify the three areas of the body, or chakras where this all takes place.

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If you’ve ever seen a picture of a person meditating and they have seven wheels of different colors going from the head down the spine, these are the chakra points that have emotional triggers and mental stimuli. Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel. And my training taught me to see three chakras that work together: the third eye, the throat and the solar plexus.

Now, back to your intention to release anxiety. First, clarity means the ability to see the big picture. This is not the story being told by the limited mind. The limited mind prevents your ideas from coming into reality. And who knows, this maybe a good thing since all ideas don’t need to come into fruition.

It is through the third eye, the inner vision where one sees the big picture. This is not the mind. The mind is the trickster and the greatest cause of human suffering, according to Buddha.

Next, after you see the big picture, move downwards from the third eye into the throat chakra where you put the big picture into words. Allow yourself to feel comfortable with silence. It does not mean you’re stupid if you do not know what to say. Anything that involves communication takes place in the throat chakra. This includes the shoulders, neck, jaw and ears.

And finally, in order to bring the big picture into this physical world, it requires actions. This means anything associated with the verb “to do.” And the area of the body that supports your actions is the solar plexus, located just above the belly button. My students call this the “doing chakra,” but its really called the solar plexus. This area commonly deals with questions like: So how do I do it? What do I do? I don’t like what I’m doing.

So now you know how to break apart the overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Slow it down and choose to replace anxiety with clarity. See the big picture. Feel accurate and balanced in how you communicate it. And finally trust all the actions and the non-actions you choose to bring your vision into the world.

This conversation takes place many times in sessions.

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