Climb Out Of Your Tangled Rut

There are times, when we all get stuck in a tangled rut. There are 100’s of reasons, as to why people feel like they can’t escape what is keeping them from moving forward. Sometimes, we develop bad or unhealthy habits and patterns, that make our days appear dark and dull and the hours drag on for days, months, maybe even years. Perhaps, the monotony of everyday life is boring you and not feeding you spiritually or mentally. It’s common and not surprising in this fast paced, go-go, world. We all know the drill, wake up, hit the alarm, work, eat, sleep, repeat. It can certainly get the best of us, leaving little time for what is important and authentic to ourselves. Another very common factor that stagnates people, is their own festering thoughts as to who they are and what they feel they are qualified and proficient to do. In other words, they don’t feel worthy or valuable in their own skin, to push themselves forward and go after the life that they desire. Whatever your reason is, I am telling with 100% clarity and assurance that you can change your life experience by changing your beliefs and thought process.

As a child you did not have the authority to make decisions or have control over your life, because you were not an abled body person, capable of making fully fledged judgments. Some people were raised surrounded by negativity and therefore arrive at adulthood, with an established negative outlook and perception of who they are and what their potential is. However, as an adult, it is your responsibility, to live the life that you actively choose for yourself. This means that is not OK, to blame your childhood or the disadvantages and misfortunes that you faced, for shaping the person you are as an adult. As tough as it might have been, it is your duty to heal yourself and take the reins of your life. Remember, you are the leading person of your own movie, which is your own personal story. The sum of all the parts of you. You have the say in how it ends. You have the power to change the direction you are going today in order to end up at the destination, that you truly desire.

People are not finished products. We are constantly creating our lives and changing our experiences every day. Consciously or unconsciously. Whether you like to admit it, to yourself or not, you play a big part in shaping your own destiny. Your brain structure can change and is constantly changing, creating new brain cells and rewiring itself. Neuroplasticity, is the brains lifelong ability and capacity to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life, in response to learning and new experience. This is a very important function of the brain, especially in relation, to getting out of a mental rut, because the brain has the ability to rewire itself. For example, neuroplasticity is used to build new brain cells when someone has had a trauma or brain damage. It is what allows people to recover from stroke injury etc. We can also use this function to reprogramme our minds and negative thinking patterns, which is so super exciting as we have the power to change our lives through our thinking. Neuroplasticity means that we can invite positive emotions like happiness, compassion and kindness into our lives on a daily basis. We can literally become new, and you should always allow yourself the opportunity to reinvent the human that you are, as much as you want. Ask yourself, what do you want in your brain, and start creating it.

Sometimes, life is hard. Some days, life may not always want to invest in you, but that’s not a reason or an excuse to not invest in yourself.

You are what you eat, you are what you say and you are what you think. So, you must become selective in order to be your best. Be selective as to what you eat so that your body and brain functions at its optimal level. Select your words carefully, as your body hears everything you say, and if you want to know where you will be in five years, listen carefully to what you are saying about yourself today. Choose your thoughts, because your mind believes everything you tell it. Do you want to believe the nasty things that you tell yourself every day? I am sure that you don’t. Use positive affirmations. The energy that you use to think negatively, is the exact same as the energy you would use to think positively, so make your inner dialogue empowering and uplifting every day. It’s a no-brainer, right?! (I invited the pun.)

It will take time and practise before it becomes natural. Learning new skills and patterns become part of your make up and who you are. You can change. The past or your current circumstances do not define you and the past does not determine the future. You can write a whole new story and experience a brand new reality.

Under no circumstances, do you ever have to accept or settle for any given situation. We assume that we should want our current job, partner, home, country of residence, just because, according to the book of life, that’s what we should want. A job for the sake of having money, a partner for the sake of having someone to share life with etc. We are obsessed with having and owning things. The idea of letting go and giving up on anything seems wildly unreasonable in terms of society and goes against what we are taught to believe, but then again, we all have two educations, the one which was given to us and the one in which we give ourselves. Make the change.