College Pool Parties

Freshman Year:

I was coaxed to the edge of the pool

Everyone, including myself, told me to jump or get left behind

Apprehensive, insecure, and unsure, I jumped in

Sophomore Year:

I plunged deep under the water and sank to the very bottom

I was unable to breathe and just trying to survive

Lost, alone, and hurt, I stayed under the water for quite some time

Junior Year:

I looked up and slowly began to pushed myself to the surface

A little more confident and a little less alone

I began to prioritize loyalty, embrace diversity, and reclaim who and what mattered

Senior Year (Present Day):

It feels like Senior Year from the movie, Mean Girls

The waves have wrinkled itself out

I am now legal so I have a drink in one hand!

I’m resting on a floatie, made of a thick, resilient, blubbery kind of rubber

The water is now calm

Originally published at on September 29, 2016.