Photo: Xuebing DU

I have survived a wave of classifications in the nomenclatures branding my “race”

…since the description on my French birth certificate noted my mother, father and me as “noir,” the race to pimp race was on! [it should be noted, this race began before the commencement of my record keeping]

Noir [French] = Black, Negro [Spanish] = Black/I was Colored before I was a Negro, but Noir before I was Colored…then I was told to and did “say it loud” becoming Black and Proud, after struggling between African American and Afro American…

I claim my blackness as a Person of Color and join countless tribes of rainbow-swathed descendants of neo-colonized peoples, who are slowly beginning to realize their power over the majority — dominant(sic) culture.

…wePOC have been divided by pimp-like acrimonious misdeeds from the powers that be, in the name of ego, fueled greed.

…wePOC are seeing more light, as members of WeBaad Tribes of warriors coming closer to knowing one another as well as ourselves. Let’s call spades—spades, let by-gones get the F out of the way so we can bee the B, since we have proven [over and over again]….we are the Doo, as we came from doing and know that our doo will never be done and…

Image: Laetitia Wilfert-Portal

“…straight — no chaser” was bar order before it was the name of a group of singers…