Colored too…POC vs. Y2K

Photo: Art Hernandez

Color is a reflection of portions of the light spectrum, thus color is a measure of the external cover. I wonder how to measure the color of the soul, much less the color of Love…all the time knowing that any measure is a relative assumption, thus, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Once me and my peoples were called colored, but for some reason that fell into disfavor as it wasn’t specific enough….Ha!

While it seemed the drive to perpetually reclassify our nomenclature was self imposed [Negro to Colored to Afro-American to African American to Black to back and then…], I suspect the divisive powers of the dominant culture(s) instigated this journey as part of a larger plot to “divide and conquer.” Colored was a classification so broad that this group outnumbered the dominant (mostly “white”) cultures, so this gave too much perceived power away.

The fear of being outnumbered drove this journey, which seemed rooted in some semblance of “pride,” was the modus operandi of the cultural naming movements. These movements were were easily embraceable amongst the identified folk, as they seemed wedded in pride, such as “Say it Loud, I’m Black and I am Proud!”

I am happy a growing number of us have landed on People of Color or P.O.C., as we are a collective peoples who have more in common than we do different. Additionally POC seems less threatening than Colored, so once we get over embracing each other, our true forces of nature have a better chance of surfacing and returning the leaders to leadership circles and restarting the jump-start of our cultural evolution.

Diversity is not a synonym for Justice!

r.u.with U.S.?