Conquering fears, turning losses into wins

Confessions of a New Founder

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May was an exciting and sobering month for me. I publicly debuted my business for the first time at two big events. I was a vendor at the Fayetteville Ladies Power Luncheon. I also competed in Fayetteville’s InnovateHer competition.

It was also an expensive month for me. I added new services to be able to operate specific parts of my business. I spent money ensuring that I was properly prepared for both events. My husband and I got backup childcare, to ensure I’d be able to attend the events. This was on top of our monthly daycare costs.

Fast forward to the end of the month, I didn’t win the InnovateHer competition. A client I had landed during the vendor event had to pause the project. To which I can definitely understand and relate to. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t disappointed. So I took a step back, to think about the things I actually did. As well as figure out how to leverage them.

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Conquering fears

I’ve always admired people who have sold products and services. I know that it is no easy task to bring in business. It was also something I thought I’d never have the guts to do. Yet, I set up an entire vendor booth without knowing exactly what I was doing. I pitched my business and engaged people. I also wasn’t offended when people didn’t want to engage me. I made sure I waved and said hi to everyone even if they didn’t wave back.

When it comes to public speaking I am terrified. It’s something I’m working on. Sometimes I’m great at it and other times I bomb. We only had 3 minutes to show our worth at the InnovateHer competition. As much as I prepared, for the first 45 seconds I stumbled over words. Though I was able to turn things around fast, I hated myself for it. The most amazing thing for me in the end was that I got up there.

Conquering those two fears were my winning moments.

Turning losses into wins

If there is one thing I learned from 14+ years of experience in Corporate America, it’s how to take a hit. I realized that I could sit and harp on a paused project. Or I could leverage the work that I had already done. The client and I had one meet up and in that meet up she added an additional service request.

At the time of the meet up, it was a service I didn’t think about offering. I didn’t tell her that. I went home did some research and worked out the details. So even though the project is paused, I have another service to offer to others. The coolest part is that I have the contract template and pricing for it too!

I learned that not everyone thought I bombed my InnovateHer presentation. I also realized that I was in the room with about 50% of my target market, Baby Boomers. They were bright eyed as I spoke about helping them rebuild their lives and careers. Also, preparing for the competition helped me get other things in order.

For example, my business plan is in great shape. I know more about my local competitors. As well as a few I can actually partner with. I’ve also decided to take it back to 1995 without consulting anyone. 50% of my target market still reads newspapers. So I paid 30 bucks to put an ad in the the job section of the local paper. I‘m also leveraging that I was an InnovateHer competitor and was recently featured in the paper. Can you hear me now!

While I wanted this to be a month where I had some financial gains, I still believe I won. When I hit the rewind button on my life, these are the moments that made me who I am. I’m right where I should be. I’m going to fight for a better June. If not June, I’ll keep going no matter what.

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