Conscious Decision-Making

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Patrick Tomasso
  • Will this action only be of benefit to me?
  • Am I willing to take full responsibility for the outcome of this choice?

When we don’t take the time to examine our intentions, there is no good direction toward which the outcome of the decision can flow.

There is immediate gratification, and potentially haphazard outcomes, but no genuine direction.

  • Will I choose to help my children with their homework, or watch television?
  • Will I choose to continue to believe in my dream, or will I let it quietly fall away because it’s just too hard?
  • Will I choose to trust and believe in myself, when others will not?
  • Will I choose to be compassionate and caring, or remain judgmental?
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Does my choice support love, well-being, integrity, and sincerity for others and myself?

Does my choice connect with my intuition?

Does this choice maintain consistency between my actions and my values?

Does this choice help me to do what I say and to say what I mean?

During the moment of having to make an important decision for yourself, or on behalf of someone you love, it is at this time that you are able to see yourself at your best or your worst.

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