Could Vulnerability Possibly Be a Leadership Skill?

Vulnerability: The Key to Unlocking Fierce Loyalty

In the pursuit of being a leader we’ve been told; vulnerability is weakness and will make people leave us. But what if that’s not only dead Wrong, but also a Big Fat Lie? What if Vulnerability is one of the greatest Leadership Skills?

Sharing ourselves authentically and vulnerably can feel as if we are risking it all. That being said it’s important for us to realize that we live in a time were organizations are struggling to keep their best people and real authenticity maybe the key to creating genuine loyalty.

Taking that a step further and rather surprisingly; vulnerability may indeed be the very best Leadership Skills and strategy there is for generating fierce loyalty, not just with our employees but also our suppliers and our customers too.

The fear of being truly authentic and vulnerable (a Full Monty Leader) is nothing more than a conditioned reaction. And as a result of that conditioning, we can go into the knee-jerk behavior of very quickly and directly pulling back from a relationship, or more subtly constantly cancel the meetings, or just avoiding someone altogether. This not only distances “us” from “them but more importantly from the perspective of generating fierce loyalty, “them” from “us”

We tell ourselves (because we are conditioned to do so) that discussing “it” or just having “it” come out would be “embracing.”

Although I understand this, let me be clear and give it to you straight, what’s being said here is; “this will mess with my image of myself and I am too insecure to show that there is far more to me than the one-dimensional image I project.”

Truth be told, you, me, we all have many facets to our personality, some we like and push to the front. Some we don’t like, and we push them to the back. However, whether that facets of who you are is front and center and closeted, it is what makes you human. And ultimately it’s what will determine the loyalty you can generate. Because it’s through becoming more authentic and vulnerable (Full Monty) that we can connect most deeply.

Let’s face it; being a superman/woman was even a very lonely place even for the man of steel.

So maybe it’s time to let it all hang out and embrace vulnerability for what it is; a powerful Leadership Skill!

If you want your people to trust you and be loyal to you, your cause and your organization then let them connect with you from a place of being ‘human.’ For you will vulnerability lead to success or fulfilment? Discover more on that here:

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