Image:Laetitia Wilfert-Portal

While we’ve all heard “it takes two to tango..” it seems to me that there’s more that two can do than tango.

How a couple comes to unconditionally serve each other is a marvel that’s been unfolding over many millennia and we are still in discovery mode.

While we learn the essence of this joyful gift, I have found the returns nourishing, fulfilling and necessary for me to continue my evolution and to be a better servant to my partner and my communities.

A true couple transmutes the appendages afforded one and not only find the wisdom to double, but also to double the double as the power of two squared is four and four squared is sixteen…the power of two is a force beyond reckoning.

Everything in a coupled partnership is fluidly solid as leadership is assigned to circumstance, not dogmatic, ego driven standards…the head of our household is my wife and my actions support the agreed upon needs…we identify projects and the roles that need to be played and then assign tasks accordingly.

It works for we, it works for us, it works for me and we feel fortified and nourished for the work ahead.

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