The Three Different Ideologies Behind Creating Sacred Space

Receive guidance and energy healing

Creating Sacred Space has ancient roots in the very human desire for a nurturing space with symbolic meaning, to receive guidance and energy healing. We will look at this concept from 3 different ideologies.

  • Shamanism
  • Traditional religion
  • Metaphysical community

These practices all place a high importance on the space that we seek or create for connecting to our intuition, receiving guidance and soul level healing.

In the shamanic world, nature plays a big role in creating sacred space. The space can be outside, or you can bring the outside in. Ritual and timing is also key, with shamanic belief in structure, repetition and the power of the moon phases and the cardinal points of the year.

How important is nature in your sacred space?

Traditional religion places a great importance on coming in to a space created for you, with many beautiful and expensive furnishings, icon art and sacred symbols. There is always a component of authority figures trained to help you find guidance, and a sense of letting go into a higher power. It reminds us of a time when these themes were a respite from a harsher life, and truly a gift to the community.

Is a religious or faith community a place where you find peace and security?

The metaphysical community has mixed and blended these ideas, bringing in the best of all worlds and cultures The focus is holistic, for healing of the body, mind and soul. Personal choice is the key, and developing an ability to take your sacred space with you as an internal vibration is the goal.

Do you make time to nurture this internal vibration a priority in your life?

Energy Healing with Teresa Maron

Creating Sacred Space has the ripple effect of creating an oasis of calm that you send as well as receive, and everyone you come in contact with will feel it. It is truly an occasion and an opportunity to help yourself so you can help others.

Top image courtesy of Unsplash.