Creativity doesn’t need an end goal

If you’ve been feeling like your creativity mojo is stuck, it might just be that you’re trying too hard.

Creativity flows best when it’s aligned to your inner passion, not by a forced deadline or outcome.

Tell a child to write a story about a spaceship and they’ll happily go off and create a masterpiece, complete with doodled drawings and super-cool invented words.

But tell an adult to write a story about a spaceship in the next ten minutes without using the words outer space, alien, planets or power, and many would struggle to even know where to begin.

Creativity thrives on curiosity.

When you’re excited, curious and eager to learn or experience something new, those creative juices flow faster than a rocket launch to the moon.

But when you’re a small business owner trying to create online content every day to engage your audience and grow your tribe, your creativity can often get so stuck that you feel like you’ve come crashing down to Earth.

Everyone around you seems to be getting their message out there and doing it well, so why are you finding it so hard?

The simple truth is, you need to relax, remove those end goals and tune back in to the types of creative expression you most love.

Perhaps you love to paint, dance, sketch, write, sing, swim, walk, make models of spaceships from Lego or teach your dog some jumping tricks.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters that you’re allowing your heart to open and truly love and enjoy the present moment.

This week, my teenage daughter illustrated this perfectly for me. As part of her school qualifications she is studying chemistry and textiles and after a long summer break is loving being back at school and immersed in new experiences. A textiles project about growth and decay has led her to be inspired by some Alexander McQueen designs based on the gorgeous turquoise and orange colours of rust.

Using a vinegar and salt solution and some shiny copper coins, she recreated those vivid colours to use in her mood board. As she reconnected to her inner curiosity, she allowed her ideas to flow with no judgement about the outcome or any self-imposed level of finished perfection.

Watching her feel so much joy and satisfaction from such a simple creative project made me realise that we really do all try too hard to make things perfect.

My little lesson in creativity for you today is simply this:

Relax. Take a step back from what you think you should be doing and allow your body and mind to tune into what you really love. When you’re aligned to your inner passion and your work reflects the real you, then other people are attracted to your shining brilliance. Stop worrying about whether your blog will get 100 likes or your shiny opt-in will get you 50 new subscribers. Forget perfection and finished-ness and simply share your creative creations with the world.

People need to hear, see, touch, feel and taste your gifts, whatever they may be. So follow your heart and shoot for the moon. Even if you fall, you’ll land amongst the stars.

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Photo credit: Lorraine Pannetier
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