Cups of Consciousness Meditation

Thrive by Increasing Support and Resources by Shifting the Energy in the Higher Realms.

The Cups of Consciousness are sound healing meditations that engage your energetic self. As you listen, you will awaken to greater states of connection, empowerment, support, peace, and joy.

Use this Cup of Consciousness meditation to increase resources and support by shifting the energy in the higher realms. Think of the physical dimension as a reflection of the higher realms. When you shift the energy in the higher realms it reflects into this one. Your position in the physical dimension enables you to make requests for the energy to shift in the higher realms. This positively reflects into the physical realm. Change the energy in higher realms and experience the ripple reflection.

The best way to grasp this concept is the “feel” it. Sip on this cup and let the energetic aspect of you make your desired changes.

Use this link to listen to the audio meditation:

  • Take a deep breath in and pull your energy and awareness into this present breath of now and into your divine line.
  • Connect with your spiritual guides, advisers, spiritual family, and loved ones that are on the other side.
  • Take a moment to allow some energetic aspect of you and your Team to connect with these beings of love and light.
  • As you connect with these beings invite them to gain access to all of the resources, relationships, agreements, connections, contracts, grids, consciousness, tools, and information that has the capacity to support them in their service, as they embody their greatest passion wisdom and mastery.
  • Hold space for all of these beings that you love to increase their resources and support so that they have the opportunity to serve and spread more love and light.
  • Light language and toning to assist your loved ones on the other side as they tap into more resources.
  • As you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play hold an awareness that some part of you is opening the door’s, calibrating the grid’s, and creating opportunity’s that help your loved ones serve in the realms where they are expressing themselves.

May you use your position in the physical realm to shift the higher realms into more love, light, and abundant support.

Blessings, Aleya Dao

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