How to map out your energy plan

As a “wellness expert” I am supposed to appear, well. By this definition appearing to the outside world as — low energy — tired or rundown isn’t going to cut it. But the truth is we all feel worn out sometimes. As I write this I’m sitting in a hotel in downtown Seattle rushing from one meeting to another — and just 20 minutes ago if you had seen me on hidden camera I would have been eating a sandwich while running down the street to chase after my lost Uber driver.

Not the pretty picture of well-being you might find on my instagram feed.

The fact is that all of us get rundown. The truth is that unless we do something — something healthy — to recharge we won’t have the energy we need. Not just the energy to deal with stress but the energy we need to enjoy the good stuff.

If you can’t relate to the story below then leave a comment with the location of your bat cave!

My personal break down: It has been a super long week at the office (btw this story is circa 2007) and it was finally Friday. TGIF. I grabbed my work stuff and headed towards the house. I was getting home late once again, but had the weekend to look forward too. Walking towards the door I was immediately hit with a feeling of dread. Inside that front door I knew my house, my kids and my husband all needed my attention and they deserved it, after a week of neglect and all I needed was some major alone time. I walked in and dropped my bags on the floor and headed towards the bedroom and did the only thing that I was capable of doing. I took a nap.

Ten years ago when I could no longer show up for the good stuff because I was showing up exhausted, I made a change. I started taking time each day to recharge. And the funny thing is it takes less time to do it than you think. Now when I am multitasking on a work trip it may look a bit unorganized, rushed and crazy, but guess what — I feel good doing it. And I have the energy to do it.

Each day I wake up an hour earlier than everyone in my home — even the dogs and cats. I have a morning routine that includes a strong cup of coffee, yoga, meditation, prayer and cleaning. It takes about an hour all in, but by the time the kids are awake, I am fully present and available for Mom time. We get ready, eat breakfast together and then we head out for the day. We come back together at night and usually eat again and just simply hang out. This is the routine that works for my life. 15 minutes of meditation, 15 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of daydreaming, alone time and cleaning the house so I don’t have it all piled up on Saturday. This is how I recharge and show up for the good things in life.

Now, I don’t need a nap on Friday when I get home and weekends are guilt free. It took me some time to curate this morning routine and it may take you a while to really investigate what recharges you and what drains you. Believe me, it is worth the effort to have your down time so each day can be the best for the ones you love.

A great way to get started is to time map your day for a few days in a row. Pick a weekend day too. Then take a look at all your movements from morning until bedtime. Give yourself a much deserved pat on the back and then look very closely again. How will you fit in that recharge time and when can you fit it in? Some of you might take in a yoga class. Some of you may take walking breaks at work to relieve stress. That’s the thing. Until we take the time, we won’t ever have time.

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